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  1. Kelmfo1-glad to hear you had a great experience as well! Have you posted progress on here? day 10- Since,p Tuesday, day 7, I have been soaking my head for 30 minutes to loosen crusts and gently rubbing. Day 10 is my last day. All the crust is gone, but some aquaphor residue remains. A little goes a long way! Itching spells throughout the day, but I resist and don't mess with it!
  2. My thoughts exactly! Here is a day 6 update. Tomorrow will start the soaking and removing crust process until day 10.
  3. Thanks so much! I have full faith in Dr. Gabel and his staff!
  4. Thanks so much. i think slow and steady could describe it. Overall, I'm not too concerned about the crown. I'm more hoping the procedure plus Finasteride, which I got a prescription for, will maintain what I had left, which would make me satisfied and not seek other surgeries.
  5. Good afternoon! I wanted to write about my experience with Dr Steven Gabel in Portland, Oregon. I am a 34 year old male and I have been experiencing hair loss since I was about 22-23. I was freaked out at the time, but if memory serves me correct, Propecia was $200 a month then and unaffordable. Over the years my front and crown continued to lose hair. about three years ago I started looking at options. By 2016, I was looking at the surgery option. I briefly considered going to the Dominican Republic for a vacation/surgery, but was too hesitant to pursue that option. I had a phone consultation with Dr. Gabel in 2016 after finding reviews of him on this site. I sent pictures and we had a discussion about my hair loss experience. Dr. Gabel suggested focusing on the frontal part of my scalp at this time and see where things continued in the future. He also recommended laser and Finasteride. 1500-2000 grafts were suggested, as my done area is thin as well. Dr Gabel never tried to upsell me on anything and was upfront about what I could expect. I was excited after speaking with Dr. Gabel , but due to a prolonged illness of cancer with my mother, I put things on hold. My mother passed this July, on my birthday no less, and I decided to do something for myself and restore my hairline. I had a few follow-up questions, which Dr. Gabel answered via email. My main goals were to not look like I was 20 and to preserve options for the future, including no other procedures if Finasteride was successful. My mind was put at rest and I scheduled the procedure in October for November 27th. the clinic was communicative with me and sent instructions prior to the procedure. My wife I stayed in Portland the night before and tried to get a good nights rest. I settled on 1700 grafts for the procedure. I arrived at the clinic about 6:15 am and was warmly greeted by Dea, who is wonderful. After filling out paperwork etc. I was made comfortable and relaxed. My wife and I, along with Dr. Gabel and Dea, designed the hairline. Again, I wanted to be realistic about what I could achieve, As was Dr. Ganel. A design was agreed upon and my head was shaved and my day began. Apparently I burn through local numbing injections, so I required quite a bit to keep pain with the FUE extraction under control. Everyone was attentive and I made as comfortable as possible. The sites were made after the extraction and then lunch, provided by the clinic. After lunch, off to the graft placement! Dr. Gabel placed the frontal grafts, while Courtney and Jess placed the others. I could take breaks as needed and enjoyed talking with them and listening to Bob Dylan. Once everything was checked, bandaged and instructions gone over, I was done for the day. We went back to the hotel, Fairfield Inn which was wonderful, and I was prepared for a long night. to my surprise, I had no pain that night. I took a pain med at 10 to prepare for pain overnight and to help me sleep, but it wasn't because I was experiencing pain. I slept alright, about as good as I have the passed few months since my mother passed. I sprayed my head every two hours and showered in the morning before my follow-up appointment at 10. my hair was washed by Jess and Emily and sights were inspected by Aileen. Dr Gabel came in and checked over the sights was was happy with how things looked. After care instructions were conveniently placed on a calendar type format, which made it easy to follow the days ahead. I am currently on day 2 and am doing well. I have 2 weeks off so I can focus on taking it easy. I will be updating this as I go along and welcome any questions anyone might have. Dr. Gabel and his staff are wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable. If you are thinking about going there, do it! First two photos are my consultation pictures. The others are currently day 2.
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