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  1. Gotcha, thanks. So even if I'm just receding on the temples as of now I should put it all over the scalp? I guess that makes sense cause I would eventually lose it there anyways, but I plan on also getting on finasteride so I was thinking that would keep the hair I have and the Rogaine would just help to maybe regrow some on the temples?
  2. Thanks KO, and do you know if it's worth using it for receding temples along with fin? On the box it says rogaine is for the crown only.
  3. Is the generic fin (I think it's called Proscar) actually any worse than the regular one? Is it at all worth paying the extra money?
  4. Is there a difference in effectiveness of Rogaine foam vs the "extra-strength" liquid rogaine?
  5. Hey Y'all, 20, years old, I've been slowly losing hair since probably late 15 years old. I'd say I'm about textbook Norwood II based on my own assessment, maybe I'll post some pics to see what y'all think. Basically any kind of guidance I could get through any part of the process of keeping and regaining my hair would be so much appreciated. I have a pretty iffy plan in my mind and I'd like to see what you all think of it. Once I get back to the United States in March I plan on trying to get a finasteride prescription. Last time I saw my doctor he said to try Rogaine first, which I did but I really half-assed, so I can't say for now whether that would have worked to keep my hair. Either way, baldness seems to be something I'm so pre-disposed to within my family that I don't have much faith in Rogaine doing much on its own but maybe slowing the process down? I'm not sure if its such a good call to get on the finasteride pills before giving Rogaine a real shot, but I'd really also rather use a tried an true method instead of waiting for my hair to keep falling out on the Rogaine. Either way, I would have to wait some time to really figure out if the Rogaine was doing anything at all, and I'd rather get the process of getting my hair back and keeping it sooner. What do you all think of this rationale? So basically then I plan on making sure the finasteride is doing its thing and working OK with my body for about 7 months, and also while I make enough money to get a transplant. In Fall 2017 I'll have been on the Finasteride long enough and earned about 7k that could go towards a transplant. This is where my plan feels iffy. Choosing a hair transplan surgeon that is going to basically take all of my hard earned money and either screw me over or do a great job (or somewhere in between) is a really daunting thing for me. I bet you all understand. Sorry that this is long-winded but I'm somewhat freaking out about the whole thing and I would so much appreciate any input. Some other basic questions... For about a Norwood II/the pics I posted.....1) how much do you all think it would cost to get my hairline back to normal? 2)could it be done in one surgery? 3) how to decide which type of transplant? I've heard its best to start with FUT (strip-method, right?) because it doesn't take so much from the donor area, in case you need more surgeries later, but at the same time I would prefer not to have the scar and also I plan on hopefully only having to get this one procedure and keep the rest with finasteride and Rogaine, plus for example seeing pics of some FUE procedures shows some great results.... 4) How many grafts would I need total based on the pics? Much Thanks everyone.....
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