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  1. In the short time I was staying for surgery I met 14 other people who were having or just had surgery - not one of them were intending to post on a forum regardless of result
  2. It’s not a necessity mate, I didn’t take it and know of many others who haven’t. Rahal’s clinic do recommend it but just state you don’t want to start using it
  3. It must be case dependent, does your hair really need fortification in that area? Can you share pictures? I literally had no hair in the points apart from a few stray from my first op. I made it clear they were important to me and he had no problem with the idea..
  4. literalno check out my update and you can see the temple points coming in. Just make sure during the consultation on the day prior you communicate your exact requirements with Dr Rahal and he will tell you if it is practical or not. He will draw out a plan where a breakdown of number of grafts per area will be allocated, so you can discuss expected density etc then. I wanted the temple points even further out but because of the amount of grafts needed he wouldn't do it. Either way he drew a hairline that I was still more than happy with.
  5. Thanks Matt, not bad hey!
  6. Thanks man, they are looking decent at about a meter away but up close I’m hoping for more density to be honest. Few more pics at 5 month 6 days - hair slightly damp
  7. Cheers Melvin it’s been a long time coming!
  8. 5 month pictures Took pictures straight out of bed and it shows there is still remaining shockloss below the scar on the right side of my head. Really hoping this resolves soon.. Happy with progress so far especially the temple points coming in stronger even when cut short Any questions or comments welcome. Cheers
  9. Remaining balance due the day prior to surgery, and yes if you end up with less grafts than paid for then typically you should receive the appropriate refund but I would clarify this with the clinic before hand. The refund may not apply if you have struck a discounted deal with the clinic, which can happen with last minute bookings etc.
  10. Goldenboy

    Need a helpful gp for finasteride

    I will second that, been using him for a few years after Spex put me onto him. 14 month supply generic finasteride for ~ 140gbp, easy online prescription
  11. I'll get some close ups on the next update but so far it looks good to me - integration into the side hair and hairline above looks perfect, just awaiting more growth to sprout, then thickening should have them framing my face nicely I'm hoping. A young woman said I look like Wolverine the other day which I was taken a back by as I never get compared to guys with good heads of hair lol
  12. thatoldchestnut, thank you I hope so. Literalno, thanks, few more pics 4month 4 days in different lighting. Last one taken a bit further away in less light but shows the shape coming in of the left temple point, which is the weaker of the two.
  13. One day shy of 4 months and starting to get a bit excited I must say. Last three pics are straight out of the shower and combed back, shows the temple points coming in nicely which were my main concern prior. I just hope these next two months are an explosion and I should have the density I was after.
  14. Goldenboy

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    I feel this is an important point that I've never seen discussed before. I live in the UK and have travelled to North America twice for surgery. I only book based on an online consultation, and both times estimates for grafts required have been significantly lower than what I walked out with as I have very fine hair. Luckily it was never an issue for myself, but for some people who budget tightly, they could end up walking out with less grafts than is required to meet their goals due to financial limitation.
  15. Congratulations Eden! Like you I have been chasing the dream for a long time, now exactly 3 months ahead of you. Good luck brother