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  1. Found out a bit more info on Better Hair Transplants It's a woman called Sharon and she has no qualifications according to her linked in profile but she does enjoy talking to people so that's alright then. All the clinic addresses that they claim to own are in fact are Regus offices rented by the hour. They have agreed to take my pictures off their Facebook page but have not apologised fvor claim ing that they did my hair transplant It is impossible to report them to any authority or organisation because they are not regulated by anybody and are not a member of any organisations.
  2. A new outfit has popped up calling themselves Better Hair Transplant Clinics. Better Hair Transplant | Professional Hair Transplants I have never heard of them but they have used my before and after pictures on their FB page!!!! This outfit have come from nowhere with over 60 fake 5 star reviews from various fake FB accounts around the world. They claim to be ISHRS and BAHRS members but neither organisation has ever heard of therm. I am absolutely livid that they have used my pictures without permission. I think they have taken them from realself.com as this is the only place that I have shared my experience. They have around 6 "clinics" but same person answers every phone number and they cannot be contacted at any of the addresses that they publish online or on What Clinic. I suspect that this is just one guy operating out of his front room. Come on Better Hair Transplant Clinics 1. Where are your offices? 2. Why have you used my pictures without permission? 3. Why do you claim to be a member of professional organisations that have never heard of you 4. Who is the person behind this crappy outfit and what are your qualifications to offer hair transplants and to hold consultations? Buyer Beware
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