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  1. I don’t want to worry you but I had a similar situation with one graft from my transplant. All the other grafts grew after implantation and then eventually shed between the 2nd-4th week. These were all healthy and grew as expected around the 3rd month. The one that didn't grow or shed never became a viable graft. It just stayed in place and after two years I gently pulled on it and it came out with very minimal force. So, use that information for what it’s worth but I wouldn't expect your result to be a failure. Give it time. It's a very long process.
  2. The work looks pristine. Very densely packed, great design, and precise distribution of grafts. I see the area you're concerned with on the right. If that picture is from 6 days post op I wouldn't worry at all. It's just the scabbing and drying out of the grafts. It's extremely common and isn't indicative of sparsely placed grafts. Your result should be great.
  3. Dr. Raymond Konior. Search through the directory on this site with his name as keyword. Look at their website. Chicago Hair Institute. There are many examples of the work that he does including repair and scar work. He is one of the most talented in the business. In addition, he is also one of the most ethical and will guide you in the right direction. As such, he is expensive and the wait time is well over a year. It seems like you waited 25 already so what's one more to have it done right.
  4. What a pessimistic view to portray to someone who is obviously new to the hair restoration world. Of course human beings will be the ones performing surgery. With that being the case there is inherently room for error. But to think that going to a top clinic is like gambling with grafts is not true. The top clinics get fantastic results consistently because their process and attention to detail has been perfected through thousands of cases. Top clinics are more expensive for a reason. Supply and demand. If they show consistent results they can charge more because the demand will be there. For example, Dr Konior has been known to work tirelessly to perfect his craft. Perfectionist personified. Do your research and pay for quality and you can rest assured you will get a great result.
  5. It looks to me like you shocked your existing hair behind the implant honestly. In classic MPB this hair was probably starting the miniaturization process and the trauma to surrounding areas from surgery could have caused them to permanently be lost. It's unfortunate but a reality of hair transplantation. I'm sure the transplant will mature and look fuller at 1-1.5 years and should hide some of this though.
  6. Amazing result! I agree that the post-op recipient area is immaculate and does look different than almost all other surgeons with regards to how the grafts sit in the incision sites. I think it's a testament to Dr. Konior's precision and attention to detail during all phases of the procedure. Well done as always!
  7. Any updates or progress pics to post? I have a very similar design by Dr. Diep and am just curious to see how yours is turning out.
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