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  1. I'm sure he took many factors into account including donor capacity, pattern of loss, and age. If the patient was 23 I might agree about his youth but at 33 his pattern of loss is becoming more apparent. He's an ethical surgeon and plans for the future. Most guys on this forum would never be able to get this result because most guys don't have this minimal loss, graft thickness, or donor capacity that this patient does. It's a skill to tailor your surgical plan to each individual patient that not all hair restoration surgeons excel at. Dr Konior certainly does and must have deemed this patient
  2. Yes this is referring only to the donor area. There is no difference in the two techniques after the extractions. The implantation of grafts is the same and both will look better with longer hair in the recipient area.
  3. If you keep your hair at a 2/3 gaurd on top with a 0/1 fade on the sides you should definitely reconsider hair transplantation. Most if not all transplants need some length to camoflouge non-native density. Hair transplants can never achieve native density before any hair loss. They use a layering effect to create the illusion of density. This works better when the hair is longer on top. If your mind is made up on restoring your hairline then I would recommend changing your hairstyle from the buzzcut. Especially if you're going to Diep. He recently has been transplanting in rows and his angles
  4. Based on your recent pictures it is highly unadvisable to transplant into your crown first. We understand this bothers you more than anything but you need to take our advice and avoid this plan. If you're seeking consults from Konior, Bloxham, or H&W I'm sure they will advise you to start with a very conservative hairline to frame your face. You'll get good density and they will transplant into a gradient going backwards to midscalp. Your crown probably won't be able to get touched in the first surgery. Eventually it will have to be a thin crown with some coverage but low density. You're y
  5. Dr Raymond Konior. Chicago Hair Institute. There's not much else to say. If you have the money he is your best option. He will divise a plan for the long term and give you an excellent restoration. Like others have mentioned it's better to start in the front and work backwards.
  6. The new format looks great but I'm getting a blank screen when hitting the menu button. Anyone else mention having this issue?
  7. Honestly, chalk up the $1000 deposit to research purposes and switch to Hasson. Remember, you only get one donor so if Diep implants in the cornrow grid-like pattern and you are unhappy with the result, then you have to have a repair. Thus, spending way more than the initial deposit but more importantly using more grafts unnecessarily that could have been used if you need more work in the future to due MPB progression. Read through the recent comments on Diep threads and that should highlight why many are unhappy with his work and some even with his ethics.
  8. You don't lose hair in this pattern or any pattern for that matter by styling your hair a certain way. Sure, constantly straightening it may damage the actual hair but it doesn't affect the follicle. When that hair goes through its normal cycle it grows back as strong terminal hair. You have male pattern baldness and it will continue without intervention. I know it seems crazy to think but it's all genetic and you have no control over whether you're DHT sensitive follicles genetic code gets turned on. We're not trying to scare you but take the advice of everyone here and see a dermatologist. D
  9. @hybonix I think you have made a well informed decision. This is a change that will alter your appearance for the rest of your life. If you can get it right the first time, that is an exceptional feat in this industry. You've come to the right place and are doing your research. That is commendable in my opinion. Dr. Diep is a lightening rod on this forum and for good reason. His older results dating back 3 or more years seem to be more desirable. He wasn't implanting in such defined rows back then. There was still a pattern but his density could usually disguise it well enough. I would definit
  10. @Moses121 Dr Konior is elite at both FUE and FUT. He also excels at donor management and planning for the future. Essentially, there's nothing in the hair restoration world that he doesn't excel at.
  11. Dr Konior mentioned that I have at least 3000 grafts that could be extracted by FUE. I currently wear my hair short on the sides. 0.5 guard at the nape faded up to a 1, then 2 guard. I'm sure if I needed to I could get more grafts via FUT and wear it longer on the sides. Hopefully it never has to come to that though.
  12. @LonelyGraft yea I was taking 1mg Propecia for prob the first 10-15 years. I now take 1.25mg cut from 5mg finasteride. 5507 grafts to be exact. Total rebuild and lowering of hairline, along with temples and temple point reconstruction. Crown shows no signs of loss anymore and midscalp is strong. I am always cognizant that I may recede behind the transplant but I've shown such a strong propensity for the DHT blocking mechanism of finasteride that it is unlikely. And if I do I have much more in the bank for future restorations.
  13. @LonelyGraft At 18 years old I was a 2 with some slight crown loss. I luckily noticed early and got on finasteride. This brought back my crown but the recession up front continued. So at age 37 before any transplants and after being on finasteride for almost 20 years I was a 3.
  14. @Taken4Granted I wouldn't worry about the one red area. Probably just a bit of excess blood/coagulation factors that accumulated after you left the office. Worse case one graft may have become dislodged but will not have any effect on final appearance of the restoration. It's a very emotional journey and there will be times you get discouraged, especially during the ugly duckling phase. Just remember you chose a great surgeon and the end result will be worth the wait. Halloween would be a bit optimistic in my opinion. You may have a few random sprouts but don't get your hopes up. Since this is
  15. The work looks pristine. I think you'll be very happy with the outcome. Post-op pictures look as clean as you can achieve. Based on your description of the discussion, the graft implantation angles and density achieved, I'm fairly certain I know who you went to. He's more impressive in person then the forum can convey. Great choice. Look forward to following your journey.
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