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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood V A
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr Resul YAMAN
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    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. This is where I have ended up with Yaman 3 years and 2 surgeries down the line
  2. Hi All, for some 1 who was active here every day , it’s very poor from me to not upload any thing at all in the last 5-6 months . I just had a crazy busy year (changing jobs , getting engaged) i will be uploading my progress pictures soon but overall Yaman and his clinic are top people I am very happy with my results and can’t wait to see full results from my 2nd surgery . yaman him self does the incisions and numbing injections .. tech do the rest . He also uses the chou implater pen( or what ever it’s called) i will upload my 1st surgery 12 month and 2nd surgery progress photos soon.
  3. Wow people !!! i will soon share my results but I have attached a pic overall very happy with my results and Yaman and the whole service I guess me complaining was a bit immature on my part my results mature late and offered full refund or free 2nd surgery i went for 2nd surgery and I am 4.5 months in to it
  4. Slightly premature on my part on posting this post . They have actually been v supportive and offered me 2nd HT or refund which I had ( surgery) pics coming soon . Yaman was v supportive and explained the reasons behind not the perfect results . I think my fustration came from not been able to communicate properly but the new guy who dealt with me is actually quite good. Also they know about this post and haven’t asked me to delete it which shows they are open to feedback I will be posting my review of 2nd HT with Yaman - in summary every thing went very well 10/10
  5. i had.. 4000 grafts on front and top only, didnt even touch the crown. this is depressing and extremely stressful situation for me
  6. This is where i am after my surgery with Resul yaman post 11 months. For detailed before after pics follow the link here.. Let me have your thoughts, there is absolutely no thickness at all but the most fustrating part of all this is they are extremely bad at communicating and just doesnt bother to reply to your messages at all !! not acceptable at all. I really don't know how to go forward from here and whether it will get any better !! They have offered me touch up surgery for up to 2000 grafts ..
  7. So, its almost 11 months and these are the results. there is no thickness just some coverage really not happy at all.
  8. Going for 2nd HT on 23rd March (exactly 11 month 2 weeks) after my first HT. apparently they can only extract 2000 rafts, including some from beard 1250 for touchup and 750 for the crown.
  9. Looks much much better in pics .. I will take sum proper pics when it’s 12 months time to show real results
  10. Here are couple pics from last week. front looks good, top looks v thin.let me have your thoughts.
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