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  1. Thanks for the responses! I will keep the suggestions in mind. 1) Where would you like your hairline to be? A: Hairline should surround the scalp border 2) How dense are you looking for? A: Enough dense to cover the baldness 3) Are you on any meds? A: Used Minoxidil for 6-8 months 2 years ago and I am not on any meds now.
  2. I have been having Hair fall past 8-10 years. Now, I have low density in the donar region. My questions are, 1) Since I have sparse donar area, am I a right candidate for FUE? 2) If so, how many Grafts do I need to fill the frontal/scalp and crown regions? 3) Can my beard be used as fillers? I attached pictures - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!