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    Patchy or Total Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata)
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    10 years +
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Hi Willis90, I am curious about the situation now; would you be able to share some photos please. Almost 9 months now.
  2. Nice. I see in this forum more and more people going for FUT. FUT scares me, it sounds like it is much painful and healing time is relatively longer than FUE.
  3. SWdan, great story , impressive results . Very inspiring. Go there again when you are 81 so that you can have the record of being Dr. Diep’s oldest patient 😂
  4. Hi lukeyb1687, The question was for r5000. But let me tell you also that you have impressive results.
  5. Your donor looks intact. No trace, nothing. I think you will have great results, r5000.
  6. Great results. How is the scar ? Is it visible?
  7. Looks really good. I am curious about your donor area; would you be able to send some photos of back and sides of your head?
  8. Looks good. Congratulations . I hope you will get some great results . You need to be though more patient next 4 months.
  9. Happy grow.... can I ask you why have you gone for FUT instead of FUE; was it the Doctor’ advice?
  10. You are totally changed.... congratulations.
  11. Nice results. Can you please tell me how much did you pay for 1700 grafts?
  12. Hi Viktory, i am curious about your donor area. Can you please post some recent photos of it? thanks
  13. Hi Hussein, I am sorry for the bad experience with your first operation. I wish you all the best for the second one.
  14. Hi all, long time no update due to summer holidays.sorry for that. I am posting some recent pictures. This summer I met with some old friends whom I haven’t seen for ages. Last time was when I was still bald They had difficult time to recognise me. They have all given very very positive , motivating feedback about the change. Even some of them wants to have hair transplantation as well. It feels good to be some source of inspiration. Have a nice day.