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  1. Just worked out: 13,676 hairs in total for 6451 grafts Average of 2.12 hairs per graft. Not amazing, but I do have really fine hair And no, I'm not on any meds besides herbal supplements (biotin and vitamins) and I won't take finasteride (I understand the risk, but at the same time don't want to mess with my body's chemistry as had sides when I tried)
  2. 1st procedure: 3380 1 hair: 881 2 hair: 1528 3 hair: 890 4 hair: 81 2nd procedure: 3071 1 hair: 543 2 hair: 1542 3 hair: 826 4 hair: 160 Think most of the 3 & 4s went into the front! on the 2nd procedure
  3. As promised. Here are my photos at a year (march 2018): Here are my photos pre-op (march 2019); 2 years (not wet/wet): Looking back it appears that my 1 year photos look better than my 2 year photos; maybe that is because I have lost hair from the midzone? not sure, could be the light or the haircut in question too. Nevertheless. Still a massive improvement on what I started with!
  4. Currently 21 days post FUE (round 2) with Dr. Bisanga (will update photos shortly) There were 3 shampoos that I used routinely prior to my 2nd HT to help control my scalp (gets very dry/itchy - think it's sebhorreic dermatitis) I have tried in the past all sorts of shampoos to no avail however with these 3 (alternating) they seem to have really helped everything. Still get flakes but no itching. 3 shampoos I use are (tried to put active ingredients): 1. T-Gel (contains coal tar) 2. Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo (contains Piroctone Olamine) 3. Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo (contains Salicylic Acid 2.2% and Sulfur 2.4%) Are they OK to continue on again? getting a bit tired of baby shampoo
  5. Sorry I've been really busy with work so have had some downtime. I'm not sure why I didn't put a proper update on here in the end. Overall I was very happy with round 1; but wanted to sort out the crown and also concerns about the right side... I've just been back with Bisanga for round 2. Another 3000 grafts in ONE day I'll update on here shortly.
  6. Hi mate. Did you get your procedure done in one day then? (all 3000). (I just got 3072 done yesterday; in one day). I was a bit apprenhensive as the more grafts in one day, the more time out of the scalp; the worse survival time. However I decided to go for it this time (I had one previous procedure of 3200. How is it looking now?
  7. Any more opinions on this? Still contemplating my options 1. 3000 over one day - less spent on accommo.etc, less hassle, more convenient, all surgery done on one day so ?less shock 2. 3000 over 2 days - slower pace (hopefully less error), less 'graft out, awaiting implantation' time
  8. This is what I have also heard hence pushing me to have it all done in one day. It was done over 2 days last time, but 2 relatively "short" days. yes sure see my thread (look at my post history)
  9. Thanks for the reply. - Not sure how many clinical staff members will be placing. - FUE - Not sure what system; but whatever system Dr. Bisanga uses. - No PRP I'll ask Hilde (Dr. Bisanga rep) a bit more to see what she would recommend. If it is done just as carefully over one day I would prefer.
  10. Hey all. So I had a 3,300 FUE session with Dr. Bisanga in March 2017 and now planning my 2nd 3000 graft FUE session. I've been given the option of having it over 1 or 2 days. Is there any pro or con to either? I'm guessing swelling will be more gradual with 2 days, but what about the rest of it? Obviously time-wise 1 day is better; but is there any difference to results/healing if it is done over a shorter period? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  11. It went well. It really has made a massive difference compared to what I had. But I'm going for one second procedure now to sort out the crown.
  12. 6 month update; forgot to take the pics when it was bright outside but anyways. I still haven't cut my hair yet, but will do so in a couple days. Stil weak on my left side. Hope it all improves ?
  13. 5 months Just a quick update. Not much progress on last month or anything really to add. Now exactly at 5 months. So 50% growth?. My left side is still weak. The rest looks like it is prob good in the right direction. Light is less harsh then other photos. Using indirect sunlight this time. Obviously need to focus on my crown next. It's a pity I got sided with finasteride
  14. 4 month update Not a whole lot to report. Used clobex for one month, will now stay off it of a month and see how it goes. No itchiness in the area. Hair looks good in low light or when there isn't harsh bright light. Looks pretty bad in bright light as can be seen by pics. Donor site looks really good, had it shaved down to a grade one and I can't notice anything has been done.