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  1. Hello Again, 9 months are over and when I flashback to when it all started, I feel so much more better with my new hair. It is not without challenges and whatever I went through has been fruitful in the end. I highly appreciate the hair transplant by Dr. Cinik and it has definitely played a big part in my well being. With this, I leave you with a lot of more pictures from different angles and hair positions.. Also, since I have curly hair, the growth may not seem as long as it is, but its worth it for me.
  2. Hello again, this is the 38 weeks update. I have seen a lot of improvement over the last few weeks. I feel quite confident now that before. Finally the spots are getting filled up slowly.
  3. Hello again, Here are the pictures at the end of 36 weeks. Here I have taken a lot of pictures, also of the chest and beard region. I have also taken the pictures after combing my hair down to show you actually the amount of portion that has been covered already. In the light I use, it seems like a perfect hairline developing altogether. I am gonna get a haircut soon to see the difference. All in all, I think this month I have started to make more progress than i thought i would.
  4. Hi, I am still at the 9 month mark. I still have a few more months to finish 1 year. I will keep posting the updates.. Sorry I have been busy with work recently so I could not update. You will see one pop up today in a few moments.. Regards, Aditya
  5. Hi, thanks for your supporting argument to my post. Yes, no one looks at the top of the head. I already feel 10 years younger with these results. Best wishes, Aditya
  6. Hi, Yes, you are right about the improvements in the hairline, not really satisfied with the density in the crown yet. I think there are still those 4 months left for a year to finish off so I would wait till the completion of that time period. But, I think that it may not develop as much as I would have liked. I still think for the price I paid and the treatment I got from Dr. Cinik was pretty much worth it. Even with the frontal part completely transformed, I would say this has made a huge impact in my life already. On a personal note, I feel so much more confident about all my relations and it doesn't stop there. This year was the first time I completed a bodybuilding transformation. So yes, if I would have another opportunity to get a hair transplant I would choose Dr. Cinik again. Of course it is your personal choice and what you are looking for. As humans, we are never satisfied with what we have, and there is no end to that. But I strongly believe that with these results itself, Dr. Cinik has played a great part in my life already. Anyways, thank you for your reply and I wish you the best to find the best hair transplant.
  7. Hello everyone, It has been a long time once again since I shared some progress pictures. This update combines both my 32 and 34 weeks Update. It also shows the journey I have covered regarding my transplant from the beginning. Also, I have included pictures from the chest and beard regions since so many of you have asked me about it repeatedly. I am now in a shape to share the pictures so thats what I was waiting for. I see the density increase day in and day out. I dont really think about my transplant anymore. It keeps me calm and that feels good. Has been the best 8 months of my life I would say. Everyone has some lows and highs, its important to keep moving forward. Dont get stuck about your failures, just keep going ahead!! Cheers!!
  8. Hello, yes I have a review on realself.com as well. https://www.realself.com/user/2993258 Yes, I have seen constant growth in all areas of the hair pop up. still there are a bit of gaps here and there, but much better than before.
  9. Hello again, Today I would like to make a comparison with the pictures just before the hair transplant and till today when it is 30 weeks, and the difference is quite visible in the frontal portion. All these weeks I was a bit stressed as to not see any results, but when I saw this, it really made my day. Before the transplant, I looked 5 years older than I do after the transplant. Now, my hair is quite in a good condition but long as well, but I shall soon have my third haircut as the summer is coming. I still want the density in the middle areas to come up so the next two months are gonna be the crucial decider to see how much can I get from the transplant. All in all, it has been a long journey so far, and I dont think I am dissapointed over all. Regards Aditya
  10. Hi Rinaldi, I agree with your point to some extent because I dont see a lot of density in the middle and crown areas as I would have liked. But the frontal portion has completely transformed. Maybe in the initial post they seem to be a lot of hair, but I am gonna add a picture for you to compare in the very next post.. Do let me know your inputs after that. Also I can only say for sure after the 1 year is over and compare the back of the head because I am still having new shoots come up everyday. Thanks!!
  11. Yes, I did take some supplements and medications. If you look at my intial posts you would find all the detailed information. But just in short I could give a few key points- 1. I used a multivitamin called hairpower 1 tablet everyday, and a biotin supplement by the same company 1 tablet every two days. Then, 1/4th of Finasteride (Proscar) everyday. 2. Used the hair shampoo, the same company- Hairpower everyday during the shower. 3. I use whey protein extensively along with fermented Glutamine from the beginning, and only after the first month I started training with weights again. Also, I am a vegetarian, so I dont eat meat at all. But I try to keep my protein intake to about 1g per pound of lean body weight. That includes a variety of dairy products like greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs and sometimes soya. Include lots of veggies as well to give a good balance... Hope that gives you some insight... Regards Aditya
  12. This is the 26 weeks Update. I recently noticed that I had some red blisters in the crown area. It is the first time I have experienced it since the hair transplant. I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a not, but it sure does pain a lot. But apart from that, it seems to be going well. Middle areas are still really scanty!! Hope that they heal soon enough!! Cheers! Aditya
  13. Hello again, Sorry to be late with the updates.. Here are the pictures after 24 weeks. As you see, the middle areas need lot of patience and it is difficult to make peace with it after going through a hair transplant. The only way to actually not worry about it is to forget about everything. In turn this helps to reduce stressing over the issue. Hope to see more progress month by month. Kudos!! Aditya
  14. Hello Joobss, It is nice to know that you are planning to get the surgery from Dr. Cinik. You can email me on adigo91@gmail.com and I will provide you with all the information regarding the transplant and how to contact Dr. Cinik. Regards Aditya
  15. Hello once again, Here are the results from my 22 weeks Update. I think we you look from the front, it seems like I the hair is completely thick and no bald spots anymore, but still the middle portion is lacking the density. I am just hoping that it grows soon enough to see the difference.