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  1. Hi, I just wanted to share my FUE hair transplant experience which was performed by Dr Raghu Reddy at The Private Clinic, Harley Street in December 2018. This was my second hair transplant procedure, the first being FUT which was performed by a different Dr. Unfortunately, the first procedure did not produce the natural results I was hoping for. I had gaps on my head where the Dr failed to implant grafts and the hair line was very unnatural looking. I was unhappy and would cover my hair at all times! I called The Private Clinic and was booked in for a free consultation with Dr Reddy. Yes, with the Dr that would be performing the procedure himself. With my previous hair transplant, I met the Dr on the day of the procedure so the consultation was done by someone who worked at the clinic – I actually don’t know exactly what his role was hmmmmm! At the consultation Dr Reddy advised he could carry out a FUE hair transplant, give me more density where it was required and a natural looking hairline. We discussed everything and Dr Reddy was happy to answer any questions I had. He took his time in explaining everything to me and it was not a rushed consultation at all, I was provided with all the information I needed. I then met with the patient co-ordinator (Emma). I stayed in contact with Emma, raising any further questions I had before I booked the procedure. I was happy with everything discussed and went ahead and booked the procedure. I arrived at 8am on the day of the procedure. I was greeted by a member of the team, Beverly who took me upstairs and helped me get ready for the procedure. She was very kind, put me at ease and made me feel extremely comfortable. Dr Reddy then came to see me before the procedure and again we discussed density and hairline. In the morning part of my head was shaved and then the extraction was carried out. There were senior technicians to help with extraction and implantation. Dr Reddy’s team were brilliant, very friendly, helpful and made me feel very comfortable. They told me if I needed a break then to let them know and they would stop. They also told me that if the temperature needed to be adjusted in the room to let them know. This was really first class service! There was a lunch break, I was given a menu to choose from and the food was great - that’s always a bonus! The procedure itself was painless, I only felt tiny little scratches when the anaesthetic was being applied. Dr Reddy applied the anaesthetic in little bursts whereas in my first hair transplant procedure it was applied all at once. After my first procedure the front part of my head was numb for over a year however after having the procedure with Dr Reddy the numbness went away after a few days! During the procedure I could choose to watch TV, listen to the radio, be on my phone, sleep, do nothing or just have a chat with the technicians and the Dr. I must say I did have some funny and interesting conversations with Dr Reddy, Bev and Omar - had a good laugh 😊. Dr Reddy asked me if I wanted to see him carrying out the implantation and I said yes, he gave me a mirror so I could see it all happening that was super cool and I was fascinated by it all. After the procedure Omar washed my hair for me, I have long hair so it was needed. Thanks Omar! I went home and was completely fine no pain at all. The next few days were normal, I was able to do daily tasks as I normally would with no pain at all. The aftercare was explained to me in detail before I left the clinic and I could call in anytime if I was unsure about anything. All medication needed post op was provided for. I did a lot of research before choosing Dr Reddy and I must say I did choose the best. I was extremely happy with the service Dr Reddy and his team provided, everything was first class beginning to end. I was very well looked after and the team were on hand if I needed anything. I was told I could come in at any stage to discuss progress of results – this was very welcomed. I would highly recommend Dr Reddy and his team. I am now nearly 4 months post op and I can already see great results! Many thanks to Dr Reddy and his team. Zara
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