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  1. Well the longer my hair is getting the more it disguises it, it's somewhat noticeable in harsh lighting conditions, hopefully the fin helps keep what I have for now, most probably will have to add fibres to hide the thinness in the back half of my head towards the crown
  2. Thanks man I have had a hair cut since and got the sides cut and left the top to grow out, it's gave it some shape and looks much better, still some areas to thicken up hopefully have some more growth in the next few months with any luck, il hope to get round to putting some more photos up soon
  3. my 5 month update photos will be up next week after i have a haircut, just a question for anyone who could possibly answer? does the hairs grow back in stages or continuous thoughout the months? as ive hit 5 months and am struggling to see any small new hairs growing through as i did throughout months 3 and beginning of month 4
  4. Yeah you should be perfectly fine, aslong as your aiming to be scab less at day 10 all should be well, goodluck with the next few months ?
  5. I'd say about the 4th-5th day I got a bit firmer, then even former 7th-8th just to get the scabs off, asmed provided a video to show you the exact steps to wash your hair so basically just followed the video
  6. Yeah I buzzed over the hair transplanted area, my post transplant instructions don't mention about using clippers or scissors, I've seen a few members so the same around the 3 month mark hence why I thought nothing of it, you may be right though, may double check with asmed about that as I'm second guessing myself now haha
  7. Yeah thanks for the advice, I always wore my hair reasonably longish before the op, so didn't notice any thinning really, socfingers crossed the propecia does the job and holds what's left, and the when my hair grows it disguises it, not quite ready for a second op to deal with the crown
  8. Yeahh it definetly is crap! The progress seemed to have slowed even though it probably hasn't, just a long ass waiting game were playing, roll on the next two months!
  9. im a little bit worried so some opinions would be appriciated greatly... ive attached some photo's the first one is my crown as it is now, now ive never really had a problem with my crown or noticed my thinning, but seeing some photoes ive taken today has me a bit worried, im preying its some kind of shockloss, but i think its mpb, ive been on propecia for about a year and 2 months now and was hoping it would save this area for a while im not sure its doing so now? the other three photos were taken a few weeks after my procedure, as you can see there isnt no where near as much thinning
  10. well, a few days untill my 4 month mark, cant say ive noticed much difference other than the hair length growing a bit, this is probably my hardest point, as the waiting is getting so hard, and the doubts are kicking in, i knoiw i have plenty of time left for hair to grow, its just a mental battle of thinking what if this is it kind of thing
  11. Thanks Deb! Yeah I've been following your thread, 2 months is definetly a hard stage to be at, the waiting is unbarable isn't it haha I'm sure you will see some good progress though mate, all the best
  12. I did have a quick look at your post op pics but didn't comment because I didn't want to hijack that guys thread haha might be worth creating a new thread to keep track of your progress and help others follow it, but from what I can see it looks very solid work, should have a nice outcome, looks very densely packed
  13. Hey ussoccerfan yeah pimples are perfectly normal! I had a fair few myself, here and there, it's nothing to worry about, and Yeah although two months is the ugly duckling stage for most, minimal hair growth is expected, mine really started around 2.5 months noticeably, if you look at my two month photos I had some fine hairs growing in the transplanted area, it differs from person to person really, some people are early growers some people not so much, goodluck with yours though, hopefully see some good progress soon
  14. Amazing what can happen in the short space of 1 and a half months! Haha looking forward to the next few months, if I have any where near as much success as you did with yours il be over the moon
  15. so im just under 3.5 months now, decided it was time for the first haircut, so i buzzed it all off, pleased with the progress so far, the back and sides seem a little thin, think i has some shock loss hopefully itll come back soon enough though
  16. Thanks ernie! Yeah was quite suprised how quickly it's started to grow through, excited for the next few months to come
  17. Apparently I have a good donor capacity can't remember the exact number he said but it was in the 8,000's I'd say I have about another 4000 left
  18. 3 months in! some growth! this is where im up to date, i shall try and upload photos monthly and answer any questions any one has
  19. 2 months progress... could see some small hairs growing through, definetly in the ugly duckling stage...
  20. 1 month in.. the shedding has began... sorry about the bad quality
  21. So, originally i wasnt going to post my progress on here, but ther more i think about it, and the more i find myself browsing the forums the more i think i should, mostly to help other people who have or are thinking about going ahead with the procedure. Backstory so im a 25 years old, and i was suffering with hairloss from the age of about 18, so for someone who takes care with there appearance this effected my life dramatically, to begin with i was in a kind of denial about it, and i sort of just lived with it, but as the years went by i slowly became obsessed with it, developed a sort of complex over it, and it became harder and harder to hide, i was on the right track to looking like bobby chalton haha, a mixture of hair fibres, a peticular routine of drying, straightening and hairspraying my hair into place. i slowly started losing more and more confidence and became more and more self conscience, to the point where it was ruining my quality of life, couldnt do the things i enjoyed anymore ie swimming, any physical activies, became like a weatherman checking the weather everyday because the rain or high winds would put me off going out, yeah you get the point..., it became rediculous, some of you might get it some might think i was being stupid, but it got to the point where i had to change something, thats when i started researching hair transplants, after hours and days reseaching i made the choice to go with dr erdogan. His results and other peoples experiances were faultless, he seemed very proffesional and experieanced. ASMED expericence Il try and keep this short because i could go on forever about my experience. But of course if you have any questions feel free to ask, il try and answer them the best i can. I live in UK so i had to travel to turkey where i was greeted by the asmed driver, who is a overall great guy, very friendly. The staff at asmed clinic are second to none, they really do make the differance in the whole experiance, some of the most caring, attentive, friendly people ive come across, it really made you feel at home the whole time, the little details like the foot and leg massages and ipad to watch films and there constant efforts to talk to you and make sure your okay ect really put me at ease throughtout, dr Erdogan is a true proffesional, a perfectionist i would say, he was very imformative, reasurring, and funny, you can tell he has a real passion for what he does and i knew i made the right decision to go with him, the procedure was tireing come the end of the day, uncomfortable at times but soon dealt with but the injections to numb the pain, i would highly recommend staying at the hotel they recommend it was amazing, clean, and the breakfast in the mornings was sooo good, the flight home was a little uncomfortable, purely for the fact i was walking round in a busy airport and plane with propbably a few stares, i tried not to take notice tbh but it was a nice relief to get home and take it all in, ive finally gone ahead with it and its done, now for the waiting game... Here are a few photos taken at asmed to show the extent of my hairloss..