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  1. Update: My hair didn't get much better. Still very 'gappy'. I would never let that Dr. do my hair again and probably should have went with the more well known Dr. in Bkk. As I stated, I wanted FUE and this Dr. seemed to be more confident, and I will admit, a bit better priced than the other more known surgeon in Bkk. I guess that's what I get for trying to save a bit of money. I can't help but feel he saw this review and had people defend him and his practice. Anyhow, if any of you actually did have a surgery with him, maybe he saw this review and did a better job with you guys. If my review did anything, hopefully, that was it and he cleaned up his practices. Still doesn't change the fact I spent 5k on shoddy permanent work. Ugh.
  2. No. No more growth. I see what you are saying about Asian hair and scalp but this was clearly patchy work with the surgery. I just wear my hair a bit longer to hide the patchyness at this point. If I ever wanted to shave my head, I would have to get SMP or something of the like. I just think that this Dr. is a bit neglecting and unprofessional after the fact. They get your money and forget about you as a customer or human right after. Pretty horrible, especially when you think about how much money that the procedure cost for a country like Thailand. I would not recommend this Dr to anyone. Stay clear away is my honest assessment.
  3. At this point, you are way too early to gauge how your HT went but can only hope it goes well. Who knows, I can only assume that DR. keeps an eye on these boards and probably see's what people say about their experience and about his practice. If that is the case, you may have lucked out as he is probably trying to make right what went wrong with ones before you. Time will only tell. Thanks for your wishes, I also agree, I am better than I was so I will have to accept that. By the way, I still find it pretty ridiculous no experts or veterans of this 'forum' ever comment on the progress pictures here. I commented about this previously and got someone to finally comment about my pics. What kind of forum is this?? This is suppose to help and inform others correct? I don't see how. It's like you have to have a secret code or something..pfft.
  4. But to stay on topic of this particular thread. I would not recommend anyone to get a transplant from this particular Dr. Nevermind the lack of post surgery assistance and support. He himself may be a decent HT Dr. but that does not account for his yapping unprofessional assistances that may eventually ruin potential grafts before they have a chance to even take root, which could have been the case with my surgery. Be warned.
  5. Here are some updated pictures. I am about 10.5 months. I tried to take the most honest pictures I could, some of the ones from direct outdoor light actually surprised me on how thin and patchy it made my hair look but then again, I really think it depends on angles. There are outdoor direct daylight from my balcony, under bathroom light and some with a flash. I can honestly say everyday life, I never ever get questioned or I believe someone thinks I had something done to my hair. My hair is somewhat thin on the sides naturally and thinner all around so maybe it all just looks normal. If I had thicker hair from the beginning, I would probably notice the imperfectness of this HT more? I have no idea. To answer your question, I have been on propecia the whole time, though a pretty light unorthodox dosage. As I mentioned in my other post, my future plans is to get SMP and use some type of fiber if I feel like I need it.
  6. Yeah, thanks, as mentioned by someone else, seems to be hit or miss with this Dr. I will update some new pictures here on this post tomorrow during the daylight so you can see my progress. Unfortunately, they shaved my head that day so I don't have clear pre op pictures. But I have these with my hair, you can see where my previous recession was.
  7. I had similar work like yours from this Dr. Lets hope your outcome is better than mine, I got back about 60-65% of my grafts. My hair is growing now, so it looks more full but still, not the best experience with this Dr. Feel free to check out my story and pics above.
  8. Do you have any pics of your work?? You can see mine at my post just above this one.
  9. Not sure if you caught my story link above but would appreciate some comments. Everyone on this forum states it would be helpful for everyone but tbh, getting any feedback from anyone has been like pulling teeth. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/187068-6-5-months-fue-update-dr-kongkiat-laorwong-bangkok-new-post.html
  10. Thanks man. Yeah, i totally agree. His cost are definitely not the cheapest and for what you pay, you should expect equal work. Like all the laughing and joking by the assistants while being under the knife, in afterthought is just way too much. They should be concentrating on all those grafts getting handled properly and placed in correctly. And the follow up is just rude and unprofessional. Going into follow up was ridiculous. They acted like I had never been there before! So insane. Oh well, live and learn. Anyone else contemplating this Dr. Save your money and research another is my advice. You could end up having an Ok outcome like me, but maybe even worse...or could be better. I'd rather put my money on the better if I had to do it again.
  11. I see what are talking about. Yeah, outside light..depending on angles is not forgiving at all. I definitely have some gaps for sure but in normal lighting, it may just look like I'm thinning a bit. I have tried to research others HT's and even some successful ones seem to have more space in between transplanted than natives. I am hoping SMP can help out a bit with these issues. In hindsight, I guess I wish I decided to go with the more reputable Dr. in Bangkok now. I guess the two main reasons at the time was because of price and the fact he didn't really promote or push for FUE as much as Dr Kongkiat Laorwong. It made me feel he didn't feel as confident. Oh well, I also have to live with this decision. But like I mentioned, I still think I am better off than before. I have a lot more to work with, be it SMP, or fibers, etc..to fill in and have an overall lower less receding hairline. I have attached a few more pics under direct light in the bathroom to give you clearer idea. As you can see the difference between my normal hair that shows scalp and transplanted hairs. The gaps still show...but I am hoping smp can help. Sometimes, similar to my normal hair, dependent on angles. Feel free to comment. Anyhow, good luck with your new surgery!
  12. Thanks for your sharing your experience and input about this Dr. I totally agree with everything you said about him. As far as my hairline is concerned, I personally don't feel it is horrible and a complete disaster, not great for sure but honestly, no one notices anything about it. I ask friends who know I have had something done also and they say, it looks fine and that unless you were looking for something, people may think I was thinning in the front. Generally..with SMP, I feel the longer it is, the less likely I will have an issue. I guess, in the end, I still think I am better than I was before the surgery. I'm curious why you think it looks so 'unnatural' besides the obvious fact that all grafts did not grow in?! Also, would be curious to see your pics also. Thanks again!
  13. I just had a recent hair transplant with Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong out of Bangkok. You can see my experience, updates and comments on this thread. I would also appreciate any feedback from my surgery. Thank you. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/187068-6-5-months-fue-update-dr-kongkiat-laorwong-bangkok-new-post.html
  14. Really...know one?! I thought I was adding to this forum with my experience and hopefully I could get some feedback in return...but I guess it's like pulling teeth around here.
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