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  1. I guess that was the same information. Sorry about that.
  2. Actually, I agree with Markee. Here's another step forward: https://www.sbpdiscovery.org/press/functional-hair-follicles-grown-from-stem-cells There have been breakthroughs in this approach in the last couple years. Optimism is not misplaced.
  3. What would be considered a cure? For many of us, that would be unlimited donor hair. That may be closer than we imagine. One barrier to hair cultivation has been the tedious process of producing hair germs. But now, hair follicle germs can be cultivated in large numbers in just days. Those germs can grow into hair follicles which produce hair. Sure, I know: mice again. But this is a discovery announced just this year. It's not a treatment, but it's very encouraging if you ask me.
  4. https://www.folliclethought.com/histogen-begins-late-stage-trial-in-mexico/
  5. Abstract of a review of seven studies on the use of topical finasteride for AA. I have ordered the full text article through interlibrary loan and will post it later. https://europepmc.org/abstract/med/29601622
  6. My search of the forum didn't turn up this news. If it has been posted already, please excuse this reposting. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/02/06/national/baldly-grow-japan-scientists-regrow-hair-record-rate/#.WwaeKNMrJE4
  7. Thanks for the comments. Good points. I didn't want to make this so much about me, however. My intention was mostly to add this information to the site.
  8. After a recent shingles episode, I got to wondering about what might be compromising my immunity. I am 62, and shingles has appeared in the family, but I'm also very healthy and just came through a physical with no problems. I ran across this recent study that shows finasteride can act as an immunosuppressant. I've been on this med for far more than a decade. Finasteride Enhances the Generation of Human Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells by Up-Regulating the COX2/PGE2 Pathway Finasteride has been effective for me, and caused me no problems so far as I know. And I'm not going off finasteride tomorrow, but I am now seriously thinking about alternatives. I'm putting this out there for anyone who might be interested.
  9. The after-procedure pictures look very clean, but I don't understand the other set. Are those before pics or is the new growth so blond that it doesn't show in the pics?
  10. I think the patient's NEEDS are important. And a good doctor will listen. I'm so glad that drs. Konior, Bisanga--Yes I was wrong in my USA comment--and Lindsey have listened to me. If one doesn't want to accept the category that others think is best for him/her--the mature hairline category, for example--one can find a doctor who will listen. That doctor will help you find your way. That's not to say that you can get just what you want, but you can be happy with the doctor's help.
  11. Two things: The hairline you drew needs some tweaking, but you should be in on the decision about how to use your hair. About tweaking: Looking to put your original hairline back in place is not a crime. But you may not have it exactly right. I would find some old pictures that clearly show your old hairline. Someone could then draw it for you, maybe a new doctor. You should keep in mind that being inside your own head for a long time about this could cause your memory of your past hairline to change a lot. Get some help with drawing that line and be ready to give up your thinking about your hairline. Others can see it like you can't. About the decision: A good reputable doctor in the USA will listen to your needs and want to make you happy. If you're happy, he/she will have succeeded. I myself have met three of the most respected doctors on this site and all of them respected my needs. And to that I say Thank God.
  12. Thanks for replying. I wasn't thinking of trying it. But the idea came out of my having quite tight scalp and the limitations that imposes. I reviewed various doctors' videos on pre-FUT scalp stretching exercises and tried to find some evidence for the efficacy of that. I could not find any. I don't doubt the doctors but the evidence seems anecdotal. I think some might gain from new thinking in this small area of FUT practice.
  13. Hello, I think application of tretinoin to scalp donor site might help the area develop more laxity. In that way, for purposes of strip harvesting, a more abundant strip might be taken. This is completely speculation on my part. I can't find any research or discussion on this. I only figure that tretinoin boosts collagen synthesis and is showing some use in wound healing. It may be worth some study.