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  1. Hi, Attached below are photos of my third month results so far very thin in the front and crown. I feel like the that was transplanted in the crown area hasn't started growing yet which still has me worried but from what i heard and researched the crown is supposed to be the slowest to grow and I'm still in the early months, the hair on the hairline is growing but very slowly. From the picture month two and three look pretty simlar. The hair on the temples is growing but needs to mature still as you can still see the alopecia. Hopefully the hair growth starts to speed up now. What do you guys think about PRP treatments I'm debating if i should do them. Take a look and let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  2. No they did not apparently it was okay to add a few hundred grafts. I’m kind of worried now because my crown area hasn’t been this thin but I’m hoping the 500 grafts will grow out and I’ll have more coverage in the thinning areas l. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
  3. I had 500 grafts put in the centre of the crown because my hair was very thin there. I feel like i will eventually need another ht done on the crown and mid scalp hopefully this ht lasts me about 5 years. My crown area is very thin at the moment I'm hoping the 500 grafts will make a difference once they grow and that will help cover some of the thinning in the crown area.
  4. The doctor did prescribe finasteride but I did not want to take it. I have few friends that had some side effects using finasteride. I’m sorry I do not know the graft density, I will try finding out if I can.
  5. Hi Guys, Sorry for the late response. Its been two months since i got my hair transplant from Doctor Arika basal at Eugenix clinic. My hair has sheded and now growing back very slowly and patchy but i guess thats normal. I am worried about my crown area i had 500 grafts planted there and I've never seen it this thin. If you guys could tell me about more about why my crown has gotten thinner that would be greatly appreciated. I have posted pictures of the day i got the hair transplant March 9th then March 13th four days after surgery then after the first wash March 17 and then April 2nd before the shedding started, The last pictures were take May 12 after i got a haircut i usually cut my sides and back short so you can see where the hair was taken out of the scars are not the visible you would have to look very close to see them in person. Total grafts planted were 2500, 500 grafts on the crown, 125 left temple, 135 on the right temple and the rest were planted on the hairline. All pictures were uploaded in order. Shampoo I've been using is Dove and i haven't been taking anything else but biotin. Hope this helps you guys out, I'm excited for my final results!
  6. Hi everyone, i have my surgery booked with Eugenix Clinic March 9th for 3000 grafts might get some more, before i decided to go with Eugenix i was debating between darling buds and Eugenix but the results at Eugenix were way better. Anyways Darling buds told me that my donor area was not too good and the max amount of grafts that they could use was 2500 grafts from that area and the rest would have to be from the beard. When i sent my pictures to Eugenix clinic they said my donor area looked good for 3000 grafts. That kind of confused me so i wanted to get your guys opinion on it, i have attached pictures below please let me know what you think of my donor area. I will also update everything when i get my surgery done before and after pictures weekly and monthly updates. Thanks
  7. Hi, My name is Sim, I am 27 years old and i am from Canada. My friend and i have decided that we are going to Eugenix hair transplant in india. After doing research for about 5 years we narrowed it down to either Darling buds and Eugenix in india. After looking into both places to the "T" we feel like the results at eugenix are more dense then darling buds. The method used a Eugenix is a bit different then the method used at darlings buds thats another reason we chose Eugenix (Eugenix uses DHI introduced in 2013) . Darling buds have been around longer and might have more experience but we felt like the results at Eugenix were better density wise. I will be posting my overview about the surgery along with pictures every month and how my trip/surgery was at Eugenix. We both have decided that we are going to go with the "Comprehensive and exclusive package" that Eugenix offers and we both decided we are going to get are hair transplant done from Dr.Anika Bansal. We will begin are journey to india on March 5th 2020 and are surgery will take place March 9th and 10th 2020 once the surgery is done i will start posting my progress, grafts implanted, before/after pictures, monthly updates, and other information that you guys would like to know. I will also be putting up videos on my youtube channel of the progress every month, i was told by many of my followers to do so because most people following me want to get a hair transplant and obviously want to see the results before commiting to do this big procedure. I will put a link up of my channel once the surgery is done so you guys can follow that as well. I am excited and nervous about this, I've been waiting for a long time. Feel free to message me anytime and i will try my best to answer your guys questions.
  8. Hey I was wondering if you ended up going to Hair surgeon Dr. Tayfun
  9. My doctor subscribed me finastride I took for about 3 months and I started getting some side effects which I did not want so I decided to stop it and ever since then I've been just using rogain. I've been doing a lot of research on hair transplants and other things to grow your hair but doesn't seem like anything works that's why I'm trying to decide if I should get hair transplant in the next year. My hair isn't that bad yet I would say but a lot ppl are noticing and I'm getting a pretty bad widows peak. Everyday I'm the shower when shampoo my hair I get at least 30 to 80 peices of hair it used to be way more before it has slowed down but I can tell my hair is thinning really quick :confused:
  10. Hi I'm 23 years old and I was wondering if that's to early to get a hair transplant ? I've been losing hair since i was 18 I'm not sure exactly what kind of baldness I have but definitely have receding hair line. I've read a lot of reviews on Doctor demrisoy. I need some advice do you guys reccomend him? I heard getting a hair transplant in your early 20s is not good idea because you don't know you baldness pattern yet and you may start losing your hair behind the part where you got the hair transplant.
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