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  1. Sydney1

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    well I have finally booked my procedure with Cosmedica,
  2. Sydney1

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    bro we get you are frustrated, it can clearly be seen but you CANNOT make accusations and say bad things about a practice without proof, taking photos and showing us is not that hard, cover your face, eyes, etc if you do not want to be identified , its all good, but we cant take you seriously and help you, rally behind you if we have no idea what you are talking about . this is getting ridiculous .
  3. Sydney1

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    Wow, Sorry to hear about your experience. Do you have any photos for us to view? That would be very much appreciated.
  4. My bad , you’re right. Does that make much of a difference in this day and age ?
  5. Can you send me a link to this Scottish guys video ? Good or bad ? Koray was the only one that recommended I do 5000 grafts for my hair , the other 10 or so surgeons including some in Thailand all had me around the 3200 to 3500 mark . And since he doesn’t negotiate on the number of grafts I was looking at 12500 euros ... I brought up the fact That I might not be able to afford , he didn’t show any flexibility. Demisroy’s name has popped up a couple of times ... but using a motorised punch beats the whole purpose of doing less patients , taking his time with them etc , no ? Koray does motorised also
  6. Sydney1

    hair transplant in Turkey

    Which doctor ? Please explain ?
  7. well I guess they cant say otherwise. Good luck with it all brother. I have decided to go with Dr Acar, didnt see much difference between his results and Koray. but a third of the price. and Cosmedica has made a name for themselves over past couple of years. Keep us updated on your progress.
  8. so have you had the surgery with Dr cinik?
  9. no updates on this? he just said he really recommends and then disappeared?
  10. Hi Bill, I did begin a topic rather similar to this and did not receive much love if any at all.
  11. Sydney1

    Dr Koray Erdogan vs Dr Acar

    I appreciate where you're coming from. given with a clinic like his, it's his technical team that does the bulk of the work, so just make sure you have an idea of the team that would be working on you before your procedure, wether there is any new team members, if so how long they have been in the industry etc. This would also give you peace of mind. I was about to book it in with erdogen, then started looking into cosmedica dr Acar who's reputation is no where as extensive as Dr erdogen, yet results produced are quite good, same level as Erdogen, but around 8,000 pounds cheaper... I guess this is a decision that I need to make.
  12. Can you please let me know of their reply ? Cheers