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  1. Hair Transplant - Washing instructions after hair transplant surgery Micro Fue Hair Transplant Hair Transplant Before After https://ozgeergun.com.tr/en/
  2. 1 hair - 790 grafts (790 hair) 2 hair - 1280 grafts (2560 hair) 3 hair - 2880 grafts (8640 hair) Total = 4950 grafts (11990 hair)
  3. It's been a year since I had my hair transplant in Istanbul with Dr Ilker. I was given the option of a straight-forward FUE procedure, but the surgeon recommended combining an FUT (strip) and FUE procedure in one day. It took about 10 hours in total, but the result was almost 5000 grafts! Dr Ilker Apaydın transplanted from the front back into the crown, but didn't cover all of it. The front is looking great, but the back still needs time to thicken up. Crown hairs apparently grow slower due to reduced blood-flow there. Overall very pleased I went through this (even though it's been a long year!) My experience at New Age has been great, with much more personal attention paid to each patient than many other Turkish clinics I visited.