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  1. How did you find travelling through the airport afterwards? For some reason I always get stressed out thinking of that.
  2. That's disappointing to hear. I was looking at Dr. Bisanga for an FUE. I just don't want to have that kind of scar from an FUT. I like idea of FUE because the scarring is much less noticeable than the strip scar. If I ever did have to shave my head, I just think I'd be too self conscious. If FUE really is that poor of an option, I guess I'll probably just wait for another treatment to come along.
  3. Ya it is absurd how little the price has changed for so long. Like it's still hardly accessible. Basically a downpayment on a house. I've been looking at some of the surgeons in Belgium. They're a bit cheaper than NA and seem to be pretty well regarded. Rahal was a lock for me for a while and he has $1k of mine on depost from a long time ago that I could put towards but I just here so much iffy shit about his FUE on here.
  4. Ya I'll need to look into that I guess. I mean my hairline hasn't been especially thick for most of my 20s so I don't think I'd care too much. Just want the hairs themselves to be of a better calbre and it to be more uniform. I have sort of fine hair that's naturally been a bit more wispy so I'm never going to have that stand up kind of hair anyways. I need to just get an idea of what the density in that thinning part is currently I guess then go from there. Konior does some awesome work, but I just don't know if I could do the US. I think he charges like 8 USD for FUE grafts. So a
  5. Thanks for getting back to me! Do you think you could find an example/photo of what kind of density it would look like at around 2000 grafts. Would it look similar to how thin it does right now but just more straight of a hairline? What surgeon do you think would be a good option for this kind of case?
  6. Here you go - I want the hairline filled in in the corners and at the front but I don't want it lowered any further than where the middle currently reaches.
  7. Kind of a long story but I took Finasteride for 4 years and then quit because of sides. Developed PFS after that which I've had since. It's fucked up a lot of things but one positive is that I haven't lost hair anymore.
  8. I started losing hair around 21 and I am 30 now. The loss has been very very slow so I am interested in pursuing an FUE. Basically everything behind this thinning frontal area is in good shape. How many grafts would I be looking at?
  9. I've been exploring and FUE procedure for my hairline and I used to always see Rahal's work and it looked incredible. I don't really see much of anything out of his clinic anymore. Is he still practicing and a top surgeon?
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