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  1. Jls008

    Your favorite shampoo?

    Hair Restoration Laboratories’ DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoo. Really gets my hair clean and the ingredients seem top notch.
  2. No meaningful reputation in the industry. Completely absent over the years from this forum until recently. The pictures are blurry. Under no circumstances should someone at this point in their career with such little track record qualify.
  3. Hello. I saw your post about your procedure and it sounds like you and I had a similar experience. From your description, I am also concerned we went to the same physician. Can you please let me know who you saw so we can see whether we went through the same problems? Thanks.

  4. You would be doing a service by providing some information about the identity of this physician. Can you at least tell us the state he is in so some of the more experienced users can figure it out and be warned?
  5. I am sorry to say that if this is a picture one year after your procedure, then your procedure failed. Who was your doctor and how many grafts?