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  1. If you're interested in seeing and hearing about my second procedure with Dr. Rahal (FUE this time instead of FUT like the first time), please check out my blog here: Hair Restoration Websites
  2. If you're interested in hearing about and seeing results from my 2nd procedure with Dr. Rahal (FUE this time instead of FUT like the first time), please visit my blog here: Hair Restoration Websites
  3. Thanks, Tsakalos. I'll keep you posted through the journal and really appreciate the good wishes.
  4. Hey Phil - it's nice to hear from you. I appreciate the comments, as well as you sharing a bit about your own growth timeline. I also like the undulations Dr. Rahal added to the hairline. They're in sync with the way my hair looked before it started receding and they definitely help with the naturalness of the appearance of the transplant. I wish you good growth and good luck as your hair continues to grow in and hopefully we'll both be ecstatic when everything is all done growing. Cheers!
  5. Hey Megatron...great to hear from you. The hairline in the 6 month photo isn't completely new but much of it is. The hairline left and right have both been enhanced with transplanted hair...much more so on the right (those hairs are still a bit thin and wispy as you can see). The widow's peak has also been enhanced a bit...not so much in terms of lowering but in terms of filling in. All told, Dr. Rahal lowered the hairline a bit in each temple corner and probably a full 1/2 inch on the right side where the most loss and recession had occurred. The hair directly behind the hairline, as well as the strong, fully matured hair a bit right of center was all there before and looks even healthier than before the surgery...probably due to the blending with the new hair. I'm really glad it looks good to you and thanks so much for the interest and comments.
  6. Thanks so much, Bill and Future_HT_Doc. I really appreciate you taking the time to look and comment.
  7. That's very much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to write. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well. Forgive the pun...couldn't resist.
  8. Wanted to share my most recent blog update. I'm now almost 6 1/2 months post-surgery with Dr. Rahal. Here's the link to my journal... http://hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/home-page.asp?WebID=1476
  9. Cheers, Megatron. Your comments are both totally correct and very much appreciated. I've been using Propecia and Rogaine for about 5 years now. So used to them it's like brushing my teeth in the morning. Hopefully they can help me continue to maintain my existing hair .
  10. That's what I'm hoping, my friend! Thanks for the kind words.
  11. Hello all, I just update my weblog with photos of my 3-month results, along with some reflection on the ride so far. Hope you'll check it out and enjoy.
  12. Hey Bill and Raph84, Thanks for taking the time to look and post. The comments are appreciated.
  13. Thanks for taking a look and posting some feedback, hair_me_out. Happy Holidays to you!
  14. Sorry everyone...meant to post pre-op photos here but they were too large and I couldn't resize them. Go to my weblog here to see the pre-op photos and various updates between 2 days post-op and one-month post-op. All told, I received 2350 grafts in the frontal zone. http://hairtransplantnetwork.c...-page.asp?WebID=1476
  15. I'm officially one month post-op...finally!...and I'm attaching a photo album in hopes of hearing some feedback from some of the community out there. The album starts with a couple of pre-op photos and then the one-month post-op photos. You'll notice there are photos that show some thinning in my crown and top and then photos that don't. All of the one month post-op photos were taken post-shower and post-Rogaine application and with nothing else. The last photos that show a rather full crown show the result with a few sprinkles of a regular size bottle of toppik. Obviously, I'm going to have to continue to monitor the top and crown. I've been on Propecia for 5 years and Rogaine for about 4 and will continue to stay on them. As for the front, looks like many, if not most, grafts have fallen or are falling out. It's actually hard to differentiate which of the hairs that are left in the frontal zone are native and which are transplanted but I'm fairly sure at least some transplanted hairs are still there are growing. One-month post op photos show hair at one-week post shave-down to a #3. Some hairs are a bit longer as I didn't want to go over the grafts with a clipper so I used a scissors and left them a bit longer. Comments welcome...