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  1. Hattingen in Switzerland is the best IMO, Feriduni is great at FUT too but expensive, and then comes Dr Devroye who is also great but his hairlines are very conservative, not for me.
  2. Devroye is one of the best in the world and knows FUT/FUE and BHT with good results. His hairlines are just way too conservative IMO.
  3. Personally I felt it kept on improving until month 10. Month 6 is most likely not the end of your noticeable progress.
  4. That’s awesome man we made the right choice now we can enjoy life normally stay on the meds you are good to go for many many years. You have enough left for a second pass if you want to feel extra safe.
  5. Hi Bill, my final result is here and I no longer experience any new growth. The pimples I still have have been around for months. The others completely went away but those two left a bump as if the hairs continued growing underneath the skin.
  6. Hello everyone, I've been dealing with a few pimples during the growth process, and two are still here to taunt me. I've mailed my surgeon who suggested that I pop them myself or go see a dermatologist, not very helpful. Did some of you go through this? I can't see it on my pictures but my girlfriend told me that there were several hairs coming out of one of the pimples! I feel a bump but they are no longer inflamated.
  7. Promising. Cinik is the best among the cheap guys and I will see him for my last one because he does BHT. Glad I've recommended him to you on another forum
  8. Get a FUT, where do you live? FUT>FUE if you aren't certain you've stabilized your hairloss.
  9. I was grappling right after two weeks, might have been too early. Started taking punches at 45 days.
  10. 11 months and a half It's likely the final result, very satisfied even if a side has a visibly poorer graft survival rate, and I had it coming since the day of the operation. I won't get a second surgery anytime soon, despite the hair greed I can't afford to lose another 8-9 months freaking out at home living like a hermit. Life is too short. I'm very satisfied to have chosen Dr Demirsoy, after those months browsing post-op testimonies online daily I know I could have spend three to four times more money for the same outcome. I know a few patients have chosen this doctor because of my
  11. 9 months, went for a mild straightening procedure, going to cut it differentely, experiment, finally start doing normal things with my hair like the people that take their NW1 for granted. before during: after: The parting reveals another dissapointing area due to a couple lagging pimples but I'm still satisfied.
  12. Very sunny day so I took a couple pics outside, at 8months and a half post-op. indoors: I had pimples on my shitty areas, did not want to treat them too agressively. The donor area
  13. 8 months post-op. Cloudy day, couldn't get the best lightning for the monthly selfies. I think it's almost the final result, I may enjoy some more thickening over the nest couple months but I can start to draw conclusions. It still looks better week after week, but maybe it's just the length. I think I should have started with a FUT to get a better yield and to exploit my donor area better. The density is meh if you take a honest look, but that's the norm with a first FUE. I'd like to enjoy the undeniable cosmetic improvement for a little while before getting a second pass, I will emai
  14. Will post an 8-month update in a few days. Things have improved I hope it's not just due to the length.
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