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  1. Hi, MY STORY A few months ago I made a post describing my results from 3000 grafts crown surgery at Demirsoy 2016. Unfortunately, after now 4 years have passed half of the grafts seem not to have survived either directly from the surgery or as a result of bad post-care routine. Either way, it seems difficult to determine but could be the result from exposure to sun, heating, nicotine, exercising etc months after. Although it is surprising that as much as 50% has fallen off either way which leaves me in suspicion that it was a sloppy surgery from the start and especially the
  2. These are truly some beautiful surgeons. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Hi, Which surgeons would be consider to be the absolute top in Europe including Turkey? I have around 2 years to plan my frontal hair transplantation and would like to have the best.
  4. Hi, I have requested a consultation with dr zontos for a non-shaven FUE/DHI in Athens, Greece. However, I find it really hard to find any recent reviews about him. Does anyone have any experience or could guide me to more recent updates from him?
  5. Hi, Fair advice and thank you for the recommendation of surgeons. I will look into Lorenzo altough Wong is a bit to far (Canada). I think fully long hair is indeed a bit risky when it comes to graft placement but hope that somewhat short hair in the recipient (not donnor) can be accomplished. I don’t mind shaving donnor is just that I want to avoid going through ugly duck phase 3 months after as with a regular FUE.
  6. Bumping this thread again as dr.koray could not proceed with long-hair fue which means I looking for an alternativ surgeon.
  7. Hi, I looking to make a FUE this summer despite the shut down. However, I wonder which ones that may be available. I just talked to ASMED hair transplant which will be closed. Does anyone of you have any ideas on where to go? Best regards
  8. Hi, Thanks for the tips - looks interesting and will commence my research on this clinique. Interesting - haven't fully dig into all the reviews yet but if he has gone that profit-maximizing road which many surgeons eventually do and thereby fallen in quality he will definitely be out of scope. What other docs are performing unshaven FUE that you recommend me looking up?
  9. Nokia made Cellphones even longer.... Sorry, but I work in a business (management consulting areas including hospitals) where I analyze human production/quality output every day and is my job to establish process to improve/minimize this. Just because someone or process has worked - there is no indication that they will continue to do so. Keeping quality consistent is a bit more complex than just experience of a single surgeon in his profession. It requires processes, standards and so on. And often it diminish with the pressure for decreased marginal cost for profits. To expect that
  10. Hi, I performed my first hair transplant in 2016 with Dr Demirsoy and I wasn't very satisfied with the results (See link further below). Years have passed and I finally feel the need to to another HT but this time - I am considering Long hair fue to just fill my crown and make it thicker. You learn a lot doing your first HT and some aspects I have learnt is to pay more careful attention to technique being used (The devil lies in the details) for a successful HT. Here are some principles: Basically - I am considering 500-1000 grafts in crown Manual extraction (
  11. First of all. Thank you for all feedback! Lots of comments here. So to answer all of them I will try to summarize some answers. 1. Why am I not happy with the treatment As you can see in the photos. Some parts of crown had very low density now resulting in a small ”bald spor”. In my opinion, this is sloppy when inserting the graft as it should have been more densely packed in this area. It had nothing to do with further hairloss. It’s rather the result of poor cosmetic design or fallacy in the surgery procedure. 2. Have I lost more hair post surgery? I wouldnt
  12. Sadly not as I lost my phone with all photos without back up. Yes, bummer. Just be careful with the choice of doctor. I will do a new hair transplant but will do my due diligence this time.
  13. There are a couple of more but yes, if you are dissatisfied is not likely that you share and just like hairloss, a bad result is something you dont want to think of. Probably a way big number but who are not to eager to share. Took me also 3 years to share after all. However, altough I felt the the graft were misplaced only few days after, I wanted to give an honest opinion if posted online and therefor wanted to give it some time. I have been inte contact with demirsoy assistant for 1 year ago, he was claiming it was all about hair loss but as you can see , it was actually big bald spots alre
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