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  1. Is there any scientific explanation why to use them after 7-10 days? Or even the necessity to wash them off daily? 🤔🤔
  2. Hi folks, I read many articles to find if there’s a connection between hair concealers and transplanted grafts growth. Are they really safe after 1 week of the surgery or they really could block many grafts from growing? What do you think 🤔?
  3. Bill, this is the doctor’s reply here. I hope you can comment on it as I can’t find any technical explanation of the bad result here!
  4. As you said the FUT result in som how was more successful but the FUE didn’t show any improvement laterally. Check the previous posted photos and you can see it easily.
  5. I posted the most recent photos here so how do you say you did receive any update until now?!
  6. Dear Bill, I informed earlier that I told the doctor there will be no issue at all to post his explanations (I already posted them here) as long as no private details will be revealed. I agree that, there was a piece of paper talking about the risks but I am not sure if a bad result could be classified as a risk? a good quality doctor should care about all possible factors and take all required measures to ensure a satisfactory result before the surgery. As you said Bill, full refund will not solve the problem at all and I believe Dr. Feriduni will stand behind his patients. Unf
  7. What do you think about Dr. Sanusi Umar results they are really impressive. I don't think about SMP at all as it looks like escape from the trouble not to find a solution.
  8. Thank you Gasthoerer I really appreciate your reply. Exactly like what you have mentioned above I hope I still have one more chance as I really need it . That's why I mailed H&W and they told me that they can handle it and make it better in the frontal area but unfortunately I had some issues to get visit visa so, I am trying again for the best possible alternative. I waited for three years because I was unable financially to have any HT at that time.
  9. This is exactly what I am thinking about but I am still reading about BHT
  10. Thank you Legend007 again for your reply and I would like to highlight and emphasize that Dr. Feriduni did the second surgery "FUE" for free of charge, since it was supposed to be a touch up surgery and to improve the result of the first surgery.
  11. Dear Bill, I replied to Dr. Feriduni mail on 27-06-2018 and informed him that I have no problem of course to share his side of the story here as long as it doesn't reveal any personal details. Moreover, below is Dr. Feriduni reply to my case "In general, following points are important for a good result. 1) The operation 2) The healing process during the first 14 days postoperative 3) Patient related factors like the PGI (Personal Growing Index), BUPA (Bald unpattern alopecia), general diseases, smoking or other non-MPB (Male pattern baldness) related reaso
  12. Dear all, Firstly, Iet me explain that I am really not into writing on forums regularly because I don't have access to my computer daily. I have received an email from Dr. Feriduni and I am in touch with Melvin and sent to him all pics I have. I have already posted some of them here and will post them again to make it clear for everyone. Photo (1): Local FUT HT Photo (2,3): 10 months FUT post op by Dr. Feriduni. Photo (4,5,6,7,8) FUE by Dr. Feriduni Photo (9,10,11,12) Final result for both FUT&FUE Again I hope to understand that I am trying to find the best
  13. Thanks for your reply and advice and will be more thankful if you can guide me to such clinics to mail them and search for their results. That's what I was looking for thank you again.
  14. Who you are to describe me " underhand"?!! If you have something good to say or you can advise then you are most welcome otherwise, I will not be happy to see your name posting in this thread.
  15. I found two pics before my trip to Belgium and you may can figure that I had a previous HT but it was a minor one with less than 400 grafts and it was unsuccessful because later on I discovered that the doctor had no experience at all.
  16. I attach here recent photos showing my result and 1 photo taken 17 months after my FUT.
  17. I created this thread seeking for advise and to give an idea about where I had my previous surgery not to attack the clinic or the doctor. I respect Dr. Feriduni and I know that he did his best but I ended up with unsatisfying results after both the FUT and the touch up FUE. I will post some photos showing my result just to show who accused me that I am telling the truth and later on I will delete this threat because of the misunderstanding that happened when I wrote the doctor name. Again, I am wrote just to have an appreciated recommendation my next FUT as I have mailed some doctors in Eur
  18. Hello all, I just want to share my experience as I had two HT with Dr. Feriduni the 1st one was planned to be 3500 FUT but the result was not that good, then I mailed the doctor and they offered a touch up FUE which I had after two years from FUT and there was no big difference. I didn't get a clear explanation of why I ended up with such results however I decided to move forward and to have another HT with around 2700 FUT. I had a wish to have my HT in Canada (H&W) but due to visa issues I have to change my destination. I don't trust that I will get a good FUT results in Turkey and mo
  19. Hi guys, Mickey85 it gonna be FUT. Bill sure I am gonna post and keep up dates
  20. Hi guys, I just wanna say that, I am booked in for this month with Dr. Feriduni and yess I am so looking forward to it, Don't worry I will keep you updated.
  21. Thanks Mickey85 for your reply, indeed I have already contacted his representative and shared some mails. I wish if I can get my surgery with him but the obstacle is that I have to do it on Oct due to work restrictions which seems irrational
  22. I didn't try US but I think it can works. Any suggestions for FUT?
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