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  1. Hi guys, just to share my experience on getting a HT in Singapore since there aren't many reviews on doctors in Singapore. Previously had my first HT done in India by Dr Bhatti and the results weren't satisfactory. The density was low and looks ugly with my native hair. Dr Bhatti offered me a free top up but I didn't really have faith in him anymore and also I didn't want to travel so far so I decided to do it in my hometown. You can see my photos of my first HT here: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/45714-2000-grafts-to-lower-hairline-result-after-11-months/?tab=comments#comment-421015. As you can see the density is very low and looks very ugly. 3 years on, I decided to go for a 2nd HT, this time in my home ground Singapore. However reviews were lacking on HT doctors in SG partly because doctors aren't allowed to advertise patients' results by law. However I took a leap of faith and went to one mainly because how bad can doctors in Singapore be? Prices are on the high side but that's not the main concern here. I just want to get it done and over with my poor density once and for all. The clinic I went to was Freia Medical and the doctor was Dr Harold Ma. Definitely not a recommended doctor here. In fact none from Singapore are. However his profile is listed in the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF HAIR RESTORATION SURGERY and after reading through his website and some google reviews and videos, I was somewhat convinced to engage his services compared to other doctors who also did HT in Singapore. I went down to his clinic for a consultation and was told he could fix the low density. I was told I needed another 1500 grafts to increase the density. And so I took the plunge and I would say, the experience was wonderful. In fact much better than what I had in India. Doctor and staffs were very attentive to details. One of the staff even asked why my previous HT on my temple the angles were unnatural. You can see it in the below photos. They were planted facing back instead of down. But anyway what's done is done. On the day of operation, I was given some pills (one of it was for relaxation and the rest not sure what it was). Then proceeded to shave my head and then given local anaesthesia. The anaesthesia I would say was the most "painful" part of the entire procedure, actually it's like pin pricking but I had to highlight to show the contrast compared to the rest of the procedures. Then started the harvesting of grafts by Doctor Ma. He was actually counting the grafts as they were extracted so I knew what the progress was. I'm surprised the whole process was actually painless as I did had some pain during extraction when in India. After extracting 1530 grafts (30 extra). I was given lunch and some pills again. Very nice lunch. Singapore is well know for food so not a surprise here. Next was the planting of grafts. Again anesthesia was give to my recipient area and slits made by Doctor Ma. There was a staff there tracking the number of slits made to him. Absolutely pain free as well. And I could have fallen asleep. After all the slits were done, 2 staffs implanted the grafts. It took quite a while as they were careful to insert all the grafts correctly. Once all this is done and final check by doctor, my head was carefully wrapped. I was given some antibiotic pills and painkillers to take for a couple of days. I was even given a beanie to wear over the bandages so nobody will be looking at my head. So I went home somewhat a happy and hopeful man and to go back to the clinic the next day to remove the bandages. What I liked was there was minimal care even on the first day. I didn't have to do anything until the bandages are removed the next day. There was absolutely no pain and swelling at all. Today I went back to the clinic to remove the bandages. All so good so far. No grafts were dislodged or damaged. Was taught by a staff how to wash my hair and wear a bandana in case I needed to be outside. Also told to spray saline every two hours for a week until the next appointment next week. Again I was surprised by the minimal maintenance needed. All I was given was baby shampoo and saline spray. In India, i was given creams, gel, oil, shaving cream, finasteride, biotin and a manual of what to do and when to do. The after care here was so much simpler. Anyway without further ado, here's my photo on day 2. Did not take day 1 since it was all bandaged up. Shall update the progress again in stages in the near future. I also welcome any comments about my procedure. Hope they would be positive though.
  2. I did my ht with dr Bhatti too in 2015 and the density is poor though the ht was somewhat successful. He offered me complimentary top ht but it’s too far for me so I will doing a second ht with another doctor locally to improve the density.
  3. bornwithhighforehead

    2000 grafts to lower hairline. Result after 11 months.

    don't think i need meds cos i only have high forehead since young and not balding actively. finasteride was recommended by doctor for first 6 months to prevent shock loss and improve the growth rate. i will wait another few months and see how it goes. just wondering would another 500 grafts be sufficient for the density?
  4. bornwithhighforehead

    2000 grafts to lower hairline. Result after 11 months.

    No meds except for the post ops 6 months of finerstride and minoxidil that doctor recommended. So what you guys suggest? Another round to improve the density. Quite disappointed I was not told about density during consultation. As I said, I wouldn't mind paying for another 500 grafts. And I heard the 2nd round of fue will have slower growth. Is that true?
  5. bornwithhighforehead

    2000 grafts to lower hairline. Result after 11 months.

    Well he did say 2000 grafts and I will be looking great at xmas 2015. That did not happen obviously. I didn't realise I needed more density. If I knew, i wouldn't even mind having another 500 grafts. i'm sorry on my lack of technical terms but what is good total yield. Do you mean this is it? The best that it can go? I've went through posts of others with successful HT and never encountered one that looks similar like mine.
  6. bornwithhighforehead

    2000 grafts to lower hairline. Result after 11 months.

    absolutely no meds. no smoking not even alcohol. well i would like more opinions first before naming the dr which i think he has quite a good reputation around here. perhaps i should wait till 12 months is up before concluding that the FUE is not well done?
  7. bornwithhighforehead

    2000 grafts to lower hairline. Result after 11 months.

    why didn't the doctor told me then? I could have paid for another 500 grafts to save the trouble of having a second HT.
  8. bornwithhighforehead

    2000 grafts to lower hairline. Result after 11 months.

    about 2000. this is my before having the transplant.
  9. bornwithhighforehead

    2000 grafts to lower hairline. Result after 11 months.

    My day 1 and 2nd week photos.
  10. Had my FUE done with one of the recommended doctor in India last year July. 11 months has passed and I'm not really satisfied how it looks. I had my last hopes that the last few month will be better but seems like this will be the best result I will be getting after closing in at the 12th month mark. Attached are my results after 11 months. Seems like density is really poor compared to my native hairs and give an impression of frontal balding. Is this the result I should get after 11 months? What should I do now? Get a second transplant for touch up? Hope there is no need as it's quite tiring to go all the way taking a flight to India again. My profile: Asian (Chinese) 35 male