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  1. I don't think Nebulosity was too harsh on his case. He may be impatient but he can see it was a poor job done. I'm an ex patient of Dr Bhatti myself and if you have seen my photos you would have agreed the density was too low. Even after a full 18 months, the density was unacceptable from a such a highly recommended doctor here. 3 years after my 1st HT with Dr Bhatti I had to get a 2nd HT just to fix the low density.
  2. another case with poor density. Guy went back for a revision. If done properly the first time, it will save all the disappointments and time.
  3. Gosh. I must have strike the lottery to receive both poor recipient density and poor donor extraction all at once from a well accredited doctor here.
  4. Hi Melvin, how about the poor density coverage which so many patients of his experienced? Grafts are placed further apart than normal cases which resulted in a low density coverage.
  5. There were a couple of multi grafts from Bhatti but I think the 2nd FUE managed to cover the issue. Wasn't really so particular about that anyway. I was more concerned about the poor density. I'm not getting SMP done as I am leaving my hair long. At least for now.
  6. I did not observe any double ones so far. It's been only 3 months since my 2nd FUE so may not see the full results yet but I'm positive everything will be good.
  7. Here’s the result of my recipient after a year with the same doctor. I had to go for a 2nd fue to get it fixed.
  8. Is the loss temporary? If not I Guess it only happens if you have miniaturized hair which is going to drop anyway in the near future. The transplant just accelerates the process.
  9. I’m not talking any fin. So far so good. No shock loss or further hair loss. I Guess you just have to know your own body. For me I have no active hair loss and the main concern is shock loss which I am ok to forgo to avoid the side effects. But I’m on biotin though since I’ve seen positive results with it.
  10. I think to be fair to the doctor, perhaps you should wait another few weeks for the donor? For my first FUE with him, donor looks fine after 3 weeks. Unfortunately, I can't keep short hair anymore because of the scars. After one week. 25 days.
  11. Just had my 2nd HT. Was on Finasteride and minoxidil for first HT because of doctor's prescription however my 2nd HT I decided not to take any since I don't really have active balding and miniaturized hair and doctor didn't actively insist for me to take it. Understand it should only be taken if you have active balding or to prevent shock loss. So if you are confident of your hair, think you can most probably skip it which I did.
  12. I didn't know my scarring was so bad until I went for the 2nd HT. Kinda disappointing for a highly recommended doctor here. The density, the scarring simply makes it not worth it. I saw a few threads with the same plight as ours and all the doctor can offer is a complimentary session to "fix" the issue. I didn't take the offer since I wasn't really sure if it's worth travelling so far to get it fixed.
  13. Just to share my donor area after getting FUE from the same doctor. Photo was taken right before my 2nd HT to improve the less than desirable density from my first HT We both know who he is.
  14. You are not answering the question but simply choosing to target one word "POTENTIALLY" and playing with it with a story. I'm asking if anyone has any experience if this is possible.
  15. Happened to read through a hair transplant website and realise they are using this method which can enable donor areas to regenerate follicles? I'm not sure if I can link the website here. But below is stated on their website. Is it really possible for donor area to regrow? Donor Area Recovery - CIT is the only hair transplant technique that enables donor areas to potentially regenerate follicles.