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Hair Loss Overview

  • Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
  • How long have you been losing your hair?
    In the last 10 years
  • What Best Describes Your Goals?
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Nice one, hope the haircut went well. This time next week I'll be getting ready to go. Trying to keep it together lol. 😊
  2. Looking great! Think I'm going to get the pain free anesthetic based on yours and Donjamos advice haha.
  3. Which package did you guys choose - did Dr C open the channels in your procedures?
  4. Looking really good, I think you've been wise and also lucky to have the unshaven procedure. Wish I could have that but I am Norwood 3 so I don't think it can be done.
  5. Its looking brilliant now, what a change in the last couple of months! Very pleased for you!
  6. Nice to see your progress mate, still early days. Are you taking any meds?
  7. At what point were you given the DHI option?
  8. Looking good man! Thanks for the update. Less than 3 weeks for me until I fly out to see Dr C for my FUE. Did you have a dry scalp or any issues prior to the op?
  9. Great progress, you can see it. Wishing you all the best. 😊
  10. Cheers mate! 😎 Ah cool, yeah hopefully it'll go smoothly. Are you back at work soon?
  11. Hey Donjamo! Thanks for the detail in your post and I hope you are doing well. I have my procedure with Dr C next month so I'll be following your progress! I'm flying Turkish from Edinburgh - is that the same for you?
  12. Cheers Luke I’m a Norwood 3. I’m 35 now and my hair loss started 10 years ago. I’ve been considering a fue for years but decided now is the time. Scheduled fue with Dr C on 17th December. I’m not dreading the op itself, only the aftermath and going back to work. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as I’m imagining. Plus I think I’ll wanna hide myself away over Xmas and new year. It really is a massive thing for me but I am just thinking how worthwhile it’ll be, hopefully!
  13. I can only pray my result will be half as good as this. Luke you are so lucky and thanks for your continued advice on this thread.
  14. Looking superb so far! I honestly can’t believe that incident happened to you, jeez I would’ve totally freaked out. Sounds like you handled it great though.
  15. Thanks Luke! Yeah it’s flaky at the moment. I’m gonna try everything to get it in better condition for the procedure. Good advice though thsnks, I’ll speak to Dr C.