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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last year
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    Dr Ashfaq Khan

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  1. mania1

    Hair loss?

    I think you your seems very nice I have n't seen anything like hair loss as you think ..
  2. I don't have any idea about that clinic in Anatalya in Turkey..
  3. mania1

    Changing Finisteride Brand

    I think not very much difference ..
  4. mania1

    No shedding

    I don't think so about it..
  5. mania1

    Lapse between FUE procedures

    Yeah it's true you need to wait for FUT or FUE procedure ...
  6. If you would share your pics then it would be very clearly define how your Eyebrow restoration has been done...
  7. Well this being great for the Hasson and wong ..
  8. The results being very nice after the recovering the reaming area of the scalp this can really make the difference as you can see the picture very obvious..
  9. It's seems very nice to see the results that have been very cool for the hair transplant surgery...
  10. That seem like very cool ! the people of Turkey would definitely go for hair surgery...
  11. I totally agree with you that the crown hair transplant is not very easy job to it's an complicated surgery to graft the number of hair in the effected area of scalp.
  12. It's looking very obvious that the surgery of grafting 2500 hair are done very nicely could be give the best possible results..
  13. mania1

    FUE Turkey.

    Yeah there are very expert surgeon in the Turkey in many clinics , they perform hair transplant surgery with having very good possible results..