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  1. I think you should follow the recommendation of Dr. Josephitis
  2. This is very nice work done just go on and wait of the best results..
  3. mania1

    Getfue Dr Ayhan Colak

    No experience of this clinic that is not very bad offer..
  4. mania1

    Loosing Transplanted hair

    Well it would be very cool if you don't mind to share your pics this will give us a clear idea.
  5. mania1

    Laser hair removal?

    Yeah the laser hair removal is not very easy as most of the people thinks about it some time you have to do it 2 to 3 time ..
  6. mania1

    Ht/hair loss advice needed!

    Hey this is very cool ! it's looks very nice treatment ..
  7. The hair line is filled by grafting the fue hair transplant can really give you the best results that you are looking for..
  8. Yeah this is very nice surgery the time it should will take because it's will give the natural hair..
  9. It is very nice and excellent work have done for the guys who would be very happy when he got the results..
  10. mania1

    Dr Konior 2158 grafts

    Well it's look like great transplantation surgery have been done it will get awesome results..
  11. That seem to be very knowledgeable of the FUE hair transplant surgery that is very effective and give the very good results of hair .
  12. Thanks for the details and baground of your hair ! this would really help the cause of hair loss treatment for your hair..
  13. mania1

    Natural hair loss treatments?

    The herbal and natural treatment of hair loss is always can really make your hair fresh and healthy and prevent from hair loss
  14. mania1

    London FUE Consultations With Dr. Lupanzula

    This is very cool to have such a lovely source of information ..