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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments

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  1. Hi guys! I am 25 year old from Thane (India). I have been balding since I was 17. As of now I am at stage V of Male Pattern Baldness. Actually I was considering to go for non-surgical hair replacement (wig / rug / hairpiece / hair system etc. whatever you want to call it), I did a lot of research & went to many places for it, but at the end I came to know that there is no hairpiece available in the market which will give you 100% natural hairline. When it comes to sides, top & back, most of the hair systems will do their job in perfectly. So, I think hair transplant at front + wig behind it would solve the problem. Would like to hear from people who have undergone hair transplant / used hairpiece / tried any other kind of solution. Would also like to make new friends or better create a group of people suffering from hair loss problem, specially guys of my age who belong to Mumbai & nearby localities like Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan-Dombilvli etc.
  2. Can you please share your hair system's pics (you can hide / blur the face if you want).So, that I will get to know how do the systems from ukhairsystems look. You can PM it to me. btw, have you ever tried coolpiece, toplace or NWL? Please share your experience if you have tried them.
  3. Thanks for reply Emptyheaded1976! Can you please name a few (you can PM me) quality online sellers which you have experienced? What about your current system, can you please tell me where you bought it?
  4. I haven't heard about ukhairsystems yet. Do they sell internationally? I visited their website, & the before - after photos on the homepage looks like have stolen from an Indian seller's website (I have had a hair system from them a few years back) & Why did you quit using Hollywood lace? Can you please elaborate on it. Same here about Farrell. I have also heard the same. Do you know anybody who has used farrel systems?
  5. First of all thanks for your reply grincher True that bases are softer & knots are more invisible plus many more things have improved a lot than it was a few years back & yes I can get it cut in plus maintenance as well locally..........I really need your guidance on genuine online sellers, so please share your experience with me. As far as I know, in India it costs more than some online sellers, it depends on whom you are approaching........I had been to a few classy salons which obviously cost you more than local labors / artists who actually carry out the work............btw which forum are you talking about........kindly PM or mail me
  6. Hi guys! I am a 25 year old guy from Mumbai who is balding since 17. My Hamilton Norwood scale balding pattern is "VI". I used to wear hair systems a few years back but due to many reasons like profuse sweating or hotness, itchy scalp, dry/brittle hair, unnatural hairline, hairline lifting etc. etc. I moved on, stopped using hair systems & kept my head completely shaved. I used around 4-5 hair systems in the duration of almost 2 years which includes monofilament (conventional), fine mesh, Indian as well as lace. But now I want to switch to hair systems again & reason behind it is just that I want to look young & handsome again & live a normal life which guys of my age live, I don't want to dependent on head-wraps or caps 24*7. So, my question is "Does anybody know WHERE WILL I GET A QUALITY HAIR SYSTEM WITH GREAT APPEARANCE & COMFORT (DURABILITY ISN'T A BIG ISSUE), WITH FINEST BASE MATERIAL, QUALITY HEALTHY HAIR WHICH LOOK ALIVE & HAVE LONG LIFE, NATURAL HAIRLINE DESIGN ETC IN INDIA (OR ONLINE)." I don't prefer going to Richfeel, Berkowits & all those salons which will charge you like anything & give you the systems made by local artists / labors. So, please guide me with a little bit of explanation about your experience. Thanks in advance.
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