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  1. That’s it! I think he’s been working on the website as of late. I would just email a few times you’ll get through.
  2. I hadn’t realized where exactly I was at. mid September will be 1 year. So I am almost 11 months. Haven’t been posting on time, sorry about that. This is pretty much it. https://imgur.com/a/dOlJPA7 what I am really happy about it how natural it looks. stay positive! And never lose hope!
  3. It’s really all about not getting infections. Saline solution they use for contacts so serves the same purpose on scalp. I believe 🤔 h2ocean uses the natural salt from the ocean to do the same thing. I will say the h2ocean had me almost totally healed in 7 days. I just wish I used it on my first transplant.
  4. I used h20ocean spray immediately after my transplant. I did not use recommended saline spray by doctor. I religiously sprayed every 30-45 minutes up to the 10 day Mark. That will help loosen that crust. I also credit it to my success. Also around the 2 week mark I used that apricot scrub for your face on my scalp. Good luck!!
  5. Thanks brother! We both seemed to have done the impossible!👍
  6. From looking at your pictures, we have a similar hairloss. https://imgur.com/a/EITfvxC So don’t worry you will be just fine in the end. Rome wasn’t build in a day. Lol
  7. Curious, what fue did you have done? DHI or traditional with forceps?
  8. I have kinda beaten this topic up in many of my posts😆. But hey, someone has to talk about the elephant in the room! After looking at videos on YouTube before my procedure I never took in account how much light does affect for what you actually see in the mirror and how self conscious it can make one feel.
  9. 🤔 looking at my post op after my first, I only had 3900 grafts. I must say because you go from front to back it does look like way more than what I got. You might be right on the graft count. I agree with the other comment that it’s a big risk to have that much done in one go for many reasons. Most doctors will prefer under 3k grafts per session max and might push it to 4K but even that could be pushing it. Even my 3900 was done in 2 days.
  10. I would say 95% of the time around 8 months should be a good indicator of what your results are. I can honestly say I scheduled my second surgery around my 7 month mark on my first procedure. ( I did wait 12 months until the day of second surgery) after my second surgery I would say I was comfortable to say not much improvement after 8 months and being I am at my 10 month Mark now after my 3rd, I think my theory is correct.
  11. No worries brother! Hey between you and me, I’d give Brad Pitt competition!😆😆
  12. Yo brother, I am being real! You think I got this way in one procedure?? I am explaining the thing that made me self conscious when I am talking to somebody and I notice they glancing at my hairline. No body is perfect but I am giving hope that more than one procedure can overcome some weak points on transplants.
  13. Another thing on density. It’s one thing to be in your car and you say this looks great! Maybe even walking around in your house. People see what you see. I honestly can spot a transplant right away when the density is not there. Why? Because it almost looks like a perfect hairline but you almost can count the hairs coming out of one scalp and most people don’t thin out with perfect hairlines. I was at a Christmas party one time and I was talking to this guy under a intense light. I keep thinking to myself this guys hair is not right. Even worse when a doctor gives you a perfect recession but the density is lacking. It just does not look right in way too many light situations.
  14. I found the “ mother” of all harsh lighting!! I dared myself to go under the light and snap a photo!! Tried to do it quickly sorry if not perfect but to all my fellow guys out there you know exactly the moment you realize density is lacking. https://imgur.com/a/glIKN3k