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  1. Looks great! It’s a personal preference. Only you know in your daily life how your hair looks in general. My hair was a little denser in front and I still had more implanted with no issues. But leaving it alone is also fine. Everyone is their own critic in the end. 👍
  2. I always new how my results would turn out by looking at the space between grafts after about the 10 mark before the shedding starts. Also you know you are at good density when it’s hard to tell where the the transplanted hair is. Anyone who shaves their head down can probably see a vague pattern of original loss. Achieving a buzzed look that blends perfectly is hard to do. https://imgur.com/a/MWsJkE1
  3. Absolutely! I am not even sure I have 10k in my hair? Actually I know I don’t!😂I probably broke all the rules if I listen to many YouTube videos. I am very happy!
  4. Total 3, but I had some bad crown issues that got me back in the chair the 3rd time and we cleaned up the front while I was there. So happy I went for the 3rd. Now I am totally fue which I know bloxham would absolutely not recommend but hey, I turned out fine! ....and trust me I was pretty much bald in front. My hairline began past my ears before! 😂
  5. I totally get it. I was is a similar boat about wearing the hair straight back. Especially with product in your hair. When you hair clumps together like almost not washing your hair for a few days, it can look thinner. Now that’s all I do wear my hair pushed back even with the sun shining in my hairline I feel comfortable. So go for it! https://imgur.com/a/ZNnYvc0
  6. Wow! Your hairline looks great! You have any bad pictures your not showing? Lol , can’t imagine that being much lower unless your going for the John f Kennedy’s 👀 look. And density should be fine pushing that straight back in current form?
  7. We cleared this up yesterday on DHI And implanter pens and MR. Wong. See below
  8. Did you not agree to the hairline design when they ✍️ it out? Most everyone gives you a mirror before putting you in the chair before surgery. I know in my first procedure I wanted it slightly lower and some adjustments on the temples corners before we both agreed on the balanced hairline. To avoid more hair placed in one spot vs another a grid of placement and even numbers of grafts in each grid would definitely reduce that oversight.
  9. You are exactly right! Dr Nader started doing that technique back in 2004 or so I believe and said he had better or just as good results than his FUT and made the switch. That’s why I said dr Nader still makes slits but still uses the pen tool. Dr Wong recently started the same technique or at least has used it. Not sure how often he does.
  10. Shedding sucks! I experienced it all 3 times. Although your right some implanted hair never shed. Even on my second where I did not touch my crown, my crown shed big time! I even did the minoxidil and laser helmet 2 weeks after surgery.
  11. Good interview. Yeah something must have convinced DR. Wong in the last 2 or so years that changed his mind. You have to remember many of the seasoned experience doctors go to these conventions and other events and pick up bits and pieces and might change direction. I know Dr. Nader did fut for many years before switching to DHI fue. Regardless it’s not some black market thing. If you think about it, it’s possibly easier to place direction of hair and the ability to get closer together with DHI.
  12. Yeah I’m glad you mentioned it also because I said this almost a year ago because Dr. Nader mentioned it to me. But nobody seem to believe me. Then I seeing Joe Tillman on his last procedure explaining Dr. Wong using a new technique DHI. That just confirms it.
  13. Melvin you are totally wrong. First of all Hasson and Wong recently have implemented DHI in their practice. In fact Dr. Nader talk to Dr. Wong at a convention where Dr. Wong was impressed with his technique and was using the same. You could also confirm that from Joe Tillman whose last procedure was done DHI by Dr. Wong.Second the slit thing is common but in conjunction with a implanter pen it is not. Many clinics that do DHI do not make slits but I am sure some do. But I think the whole design of the implanter pen is to be direct implant hence the term DHI.
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