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  1. OK thanks for the info man, please keep me updated with what you find out, especially on the lower dose because I have considered that just to lower the risk of side effect, even though I have none yet - I hope it stays that way
  2. How significant? and is it worth staying on the drug?
  3. Ive been on Finpecia for 2 months now, and I haven't notices any side effects as of yet, however all the research ive been doing on this drug has frighting answers of how this drug has affected people. I just want to find out how long until these side effects become apparent? If I have been taking it for 2 month and have come across no side effects am I in the clear? I just really dont want anything to happen in the long term. But other than these worries I am noticing positive results on this drug, there seem to be some new fine hairs growing among the existing hairs, and im noticing many more follicles with 2 strands of hair now than before, so im defiantly sticking to the drug!
  4. Thanks a lot, Im just really self conscious about this, my dad still has a full head of hair so i never thought this would happen to me! Im also using a laser hair comb to try speed up the process, is that worth it?
  5. Ive been on Fin for about a month now and I seem to be shedding, Is wearing a cap or other head wear to cover my head in public ok while waiting for my hair to regrow?