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  1. Realistically, what do people expect clinics to say about sub-par results that they don't already know? It's usually the same response - not every procedure will be a success etc. There isn't much more they can say. A clinic isn't going to say that their standards have slipped. If users are creating multiple accounts, it should be possible to ban their IP addresses from creating new accounts.
  2. Congratulations on the result @Viktory. Which of the 3 packages did you get from Dr Cinik's clinic?
  3. @Bill - Managing Publisher - the opening post still incorrectly says Dr Cinik performs DHI. He doesn't. Could you please correct this? Could you also confirm that the Dr Cinik was involved in the surgery in all the threads you linked to as examples of his work?
  4. When I used the phrase "fine print", it was in relation to recommendations from this site - that a recommendation for a doctor isn't a recommendation for that doctor's clinic. I don't have any issue with Cinik's site, although Bill seemed to have some difficulties understanding the package differences and how Cinik operates. Oddly, the opening post in this thread still devotes an entire paragraph to outlining the DHI method - which Cinik has no involvement with. If the recommendation is for the doctor and not the clinic, why is space given to detailing the clinic's 'tech only' procedure?
  5. If Dr Cinik is recommended, people are going to think the clinic as a whole is recommended. This will happen, we know it will happen, we shouldn't pretend it won't. Realistically, people are not going to read the fine print of what a recommendation entails and what the demarcation is. When @Bill - Managing Publisher first posted this thread, he posted incorrect info about Cinik and DHI (which has since been edited). Bill failed to fully understand the ins-and-outs of the clinic and the doctor's role based on his communication with them. So already we've had someone (not a naieve noob) struggle to fully grasp the doctors role in this clinic. The question is what is more important for this site - finances or posting clear recommendations for users that don't involve reading fine print ( we recommend this doctor, but not the clinic he runs, and only one of the 3 packages they offer, and don't make the same mistake we did about his role in DHI 😬).
  6. @Bill was stating that Dr Cinik operates on 2-3 patients a day. His clinic may perform significantly more "tech only" procedures daily without him.
  7. That's what they told me too. They said it's why the DHI package is more expensive than the package where Cinik is involved himself.
  8. Just to clarify, are you claiming that all of these results are from the doctor, and not 'tech only' procedures by the clinic - i.e the doctor had some direct involvement in all of them beyond drawing the hairline and an occasional check up?
  9. "Dr. Emrah Cinik has over 15 years of experience and performs state of the art FUE and DHI (direct hair implantation)". This isn't accurate - Cinik himself doesn't perform DHI, his technicians do. Cinik offers 3 packages on his site. His only involvement with the DHI package is drawing the hairline - Cinik performs neither the extractions or implantation with the DHI package. Therein lies the problem with recommendations like this. People will conflate the clinic with the doctor, as has been done here.
  10. You divided the numbers the wrong way. It's roughly $0.42 per graft. Math: £1300 for 4000 grafts = £0.325 per graft All hair transplants come with some risk. The question is how much risk you want to trade off for price. I wouldn't have any procedure with a clinic if I couldn't see consistently good independent reviews. There are doctors in Turkey who perform relatively cheap HT's that have some good reviews on this forums, like Dr Demirsoy and Dr Resul Yaman ( €1.25 - €1.50 per graft).
  11. That's a remarkable result for just 2295 grafts. Congrats.
  12. And sometimes results decline as doctors begin to rely more on techs - the Doganay Effect.
  13. Since Dr Yaman is recommended by this site, he should be required to provide an explanation for that donor area. When users post negative reviews about recommended doctors, moderators are quick to request additional evidence - with the threat of the topic being archived if they don't provide it. Recommended doctors should be held to the same standard. If they don't provide explanations for cases like this, then they shouldn't be recommended. Just to add - that should be based on recent results posted by patients, not results from years ago when Yaman was more involved with the procedure.
  14. Do you have any more photos you can post? I was considering Yaman for a HT at one point, but there's a worrying increase in threads about his poor results.
  15. Dr Yaman's recent poor results remind me of what happened with Doganay a while back. After posting consistently good results for a few years, both started to rely more on technicians as their popularity increased - patient outcomes deteriorated as a result. Doctors will always have individual cases where the outcomes fail to meet expectations, but the issue is when that becomes a pattern that correlates with the doctors reducing their role in the procedure. There's also been an increase in suspicious threads where people who've posted bad results following HT's with Yaman suddenly want their threads deleted - this is happening on other HT forums too.