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  1. I agree with the previous commenter. Not sure you really need one at this point. If it doesn't really bother you that much I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. I looked weird for months after my HT. All this stuff about going back to work in week is nonsense for the majority of people. That being said my results turned out very good and I'm happy now.
  2. Ok everbody, as you can see it's really come in and matured. These photos were taken at approximately 7.5 months after the procedure. Scarring is pretty minimal and I think has been decreasing overtime. I can definitely say the waiting is over and enjoyment has fully set it in. I can say I'm happy with my choice of Dr. Wong. Sometimes I still wonder is baldness a problem worth treating? At this point I'm tempted to say no but that's easy for me to say now. For most guys I see around I think shaving down is the best option but occasionally I see a guy and think you'd be a great HT candidate Anyway I think this might be my last update for awhile, I may do a 1 year final later.
  3. One photo is under harsh direct light the other isn't. I started on proscar 5 months ago as well and have upped to the full dose in about the last 2 months. At this point I feel like things are looking good, strange to think more is on the way. I can't say I have any regrets at this point. Will try to provide photos from the back eventually.
  4. Hi, A little over 3.5 months here. Growth has definitely started. The photo is taken in a little less harsh light than the others so may seem a little better than it is. Few things I've been thinking at this stage. I didn't really anticipate what I'd do if people noticed a change. My friend recently asked me "are you growing hair". I kinda got weird and said "I don't think so" but I'm going to go back and tell him the truth, just wasn't prepared at the time. Also I saw my old boss the other day and he kept looking at me. I'm wondering if he noticed. Oh well I don't really care that much because it doesn't seem to look unnatural. I did a mega session with close to 5000 grafts but at this point I'm starting to wonder if I could do it over maybe I'd do less so the change isn't so drastic and won't draw as much attention to me but still it's nice to see it coming in. That's it for now, I'll probably update again in a month or so.
  5. No one truly needs a HT unless they're being repaired. That being said I've been to Dr. Wong and seemed to have a good experience too early to tell yet. I have way more loss than you though. I will say getting a HT is an emotional roller coaster so be prepared and as I've heard others say surgery will always be there so no need to rush really.
  6. Isn't Feller considered one the best FUE surgeons in America? I'm not sure why everyone wants to argue with him.
  7. Thought I'd update this thread. So I got a haircut last week and everything is even now, so no longer where a hat around. Hair on the sides is probably a 3-4 guard length although it was done with scissors so can't be sure. There is piece where the scar is visible but you'd have to be looking for it or know what it is to recognize it so I'm not that worried. Starting to see a little growth on top. Feel like I'm mostly out of the "ugly duckling" phase as I look pretty much the same as before my HT so I'm fine walking in my current state.
  8. Thought I'd post an update one month, picture is attached. Still wearing a hat basically everywhere getting tired of it, but made the mistake of trying to have my girlfriend cut my hair and she cut a patch way to short and the scar shows through on well. My scalp is still red too. I didn't realize the recovery period to looking normal was this long and apparently I have a ways to go from here. I'll update every month or two.
  9. Hi, I ended up going through with the procedure with Dr. Wong. Ended up with just shy of 5000 grafts FUT. Fairly smooth experience. Experienced little pain and swelling if you can believe that. I'm a week out currently, definitely a stressful time because I now have to wear a hat everywhere to cover the staples and hide my red scabby scalp. Awkward to wear a hat at work. Any encouragement for this part is appreciated. Attached a photo taken today. Have went back and forth with feelings of it being worth it and regretting the decision. Guess we'll see.
  10. Well starting to think if everyone is correct my hairline is basically still there so don't need that so maybe Wong is the way to go. Actually I don't care that much either way which one does it.
  11. Hi, I have an appointment with Dr. Wong in less than a month. I'm feeling a little unsure as of now. Partly because I didn't choose Wong he was just assigned to me instead of Hasson. Should I be concerned? I've seen good results from Wong, just not as many as Hasson. Also I attached photos that are about a year old. Do I seem like a good candidate? I'm 33 now.