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  1. Thanks for the replies guys @Dr. Timothy Carman I posted a frontal view in my first post. I've also attached it to this post. About normal maturation of my hairline, I'm pretty sure its not that. I've actually got 1 hair that is left over from where my hair line used to be, I've put a dot on my picture to show where it is
  2. I dont know how to post more than 1 pic in a post so I will just post them seperately
  3. Hi so I've had an uneven receding hair line which began at about 18 (probably earlier), I'm 25 now. The funny thing is that my hair loss has slowed down a lot since about 21 years old, I'm guessing its from the Accutane I was on when I was about 16 years old (lossing hair is supposedly a side effect). Ive been on Rogaine, fin and Nizoral for about 6 months and although it helps it doesnt do near enough. Besides having an increase in bad hair days, lossing my hair doesnt bother me near as much as being totally unphotogenic from my uneven receding hair line. I'm not really an ugly guy in real life and my hair loss isnt really noticable really but in photos it is really noticable and its really annoying, I always try to avoid photos and it sucks when you have older bro's or cousins and friends getting married all the time lol. They even understand when I try to avoid photos! Anyway I have a few of questions I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Can I get any recommendations on where I can find a good Grafter around here, I definately want to go to the best I possibly can when it comes to this. Also I was quickly browsing the forum and came across someone who mentioned Dr.Damkerng Pathomvanich in Bangkok. Would it work out cheaper, the same, slightly more expensive, a lot more expensive, etc. for me if, for example, I travel to Bangkok and get it done. Would the procedure be cheaper there than in Australia? Also I've attached some pictures of my hair, my hairs a little messed in the pics but I think they are good enough to get an idea of where I'm at...Can anyone give me an idea of how much it would cost me? I think I'd need some where around 1 and a half inches of hair on my right side and about 1 cm on my left side And can you get Grafting on the Temples too? I really really appeciate any help I can get, thanks.