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  1. Thanks everybody. In fact I had my surgery carried out by dr mwamba. Overall I think the outcome so far is pretty good. I was using minoxidil 4 weeks with some dry scalp now and dandruff, not sure if this has affected my results ? I used to chlorhexidine to wash my scalp a few times does to pimples and inflammation. Still a bit tender and sore at the recipient site. I use nizoral and welding blue occasionally not sure if these shampoos are too aggressive I'm a smoker but didn't until two weeks post op. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Hello everybody, So I scratched my head today and this fell out. Please see attached photo, now I'm particularly worried but does this indicate I haven't been shampooing intensively enough ? Shouldn't this have fallen out months ago ? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I'm 3.5 months post fue and upon shampooing the scalp in the recipient site it is sore. Is this normal I just went to a hairdresser and he washed my scalp a bit intensely almost nail like on the recipient site. Will my grafts be fine ? And is it normal to still have some tenderness at the recipient site. There's no redness. Thanks ali
  4. Hello, So seven week on since my fue my friends are suggesting I've lost quite alot of hair and should consider implants. Where and when is the birth of my follicles ? I'd started minoxidil foam 4 weeks post transplant now I'm not sure if this was a good idea. My decision to start using minoxidil was based on the fact I quit propecia. I am seeing alot of shedding now. Any reassurance would be appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone I had my first proper shampoo and wash under the shower today after 5 weeks. Surprisingly I had pinpoint bleeding from a couple of sites and I still seem to have some grafts which haveynt fallen out. Any thoughts ? Those bleeding points could be lost follicles ? Thanks I'm advance
  6. Gentlemen, Ive been a bad man. I drank some alcohol yesterday and smoked one cigarette....I also brushed or slapped my forehead....you know the way you do when your like oh my god. its been 12 days since my transplant. Shall I start saving for another one ? I was doing so well I just broke yesterday. Should I be concerned ? Thanks
  7. Thank you Spex, Ill take your comment on board !
  8. OK thanks for the reassurance much appreciated
  9. Hi Bill, many thanks for this reply. Although I am not an expert in hair loss and havent had time to really read about this generally even something which is genetic based can be upregulated or downregulated by chemical signals which may be influenced by hormones/vitamins. Now i came across one article which stated vit D3 serum levels were lower in androgenetic alopecia patients vs helathy/control. Now the journal isnt quite clear in terms of bias or non bias. We should maybe consider Vit D3 supplemetation. I will start to read more about the pathophysiology of this disease we are all afflicted by and see what I come up.....please correct me if im wrong ! just trying to help many thanks
  10. I was given the impression that even with propeica that people continue to lose hair. Hair loss is not entirely at a genetic level therefore risk factors play a part. Vitamins can help play a part in affecting the inflammatory process. It sort of makes sense as a scientist I deal with inflammation and it's a multi factorial process drugs can influence inflammation. Let's see
  11. Hi guys I was just wondering it is normal for the hairline to look a bit fake or unnatural in the first week post fue whilst the transplants haven't shed ? Or is this current hairline I have going to look the same when the transplants grow properly ? I hope this makes sense Thanks any comments appreciated
  12. Thanks for that Bill. I was under the same impression as you, it's rather strange as my surgeon was rather keen I take these supplements. I will take it anyway but I assume I have non vitamin deficiency and obtain everything from my diet.
  13. Hello everybody, I thought instead of taking all the info like a parasite, I would give back today. I am week post-op FUE seem to be healing ok. I have ceased propecia after few years - as I believed i was experiencing side effects but only realised it when I actually stopped taking it. Am I going to say it killed my joie de vivre, its toxic and poison and over-react. No i wouldnt say that...but it made me cloudy in the head, slightly anxious somewhat and less hornified. So i will begin on helphair multivitamins and whey protein concentrate (not isolate as i have been informed the concentrate could be helpful in hairloss and he isolate detrimental). Now im not a huge advocate of vitamins for hair loss and a bit skeptical and as a scientist I expect some clinical trials/systematic reviews but lets see. If anyone would to share their opinion would be interesting