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  1. Been losing hair since last 10-12 years, now 44 yrs old. Looking back should have accepted it early on but was too vain to do so and started using Toppik which worked well for my appearance and ego. But with my hairline succumbing to genetics and age it's becoming embarrassing every now and then. I've dug myself a hole with Toppik as very few know about the lack of hair and the 6-8 months before I see decent growth is going to be interesting. But it gave me a pass for 10-12 years so I can't complain too much. Considering FUE now. I don't have very lofty or agressive goals but an age-appropriate hairline and top with a balding crown should work. I'd like to keep my hair short, as short as possible, have never had long hair even back in the day. It's always been #1-#2 at most on the sides and #2 on top. I've had online consultations with two doctors, both top doctors in this field, will provide names once I decide on whom to go with. I'm not worried about that selection as they're both very good. And I have asked these questions from the doctor but nothing like having this forum provide valuable insight. My questions are: 1. How short can you really go after FUE? 2. How accurately can a doctor predict final Norwood scale? My pics are attached in my profile. I've had doctors say anywhere from 5000 to 6000 grafts with a conservative hairline and a thinning crown look. Thanks much!