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  1. Thanks. I turned down the contract and ready to move forward. I have a question. Why do you have "supporting Dr's in your signature"?
  2. Apologize for the absence. I had a training class that was very intensive. I am really going to work this through. My one regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Now at my age (56) I wonder if it is worth it as I will have thicker hair but an older face.
  3. I am amazed at the response here. I admit Im having a little bit difficult time wrapping my head around the whole process. I see why so many go Bosley. They make it "simple". I will not go that direction. But I could use some help with exact next steps to take. Its clear to many here but a newbie like me need ti be taken by the hand a bit. Make sense?
  4. Well help me out where I lack. Im leaning towards Dr Cooley since he's within 4 hours and you guys recommend him. Good? lol you almost got me Dutch too.
  5. Didn't have anyone at my office to take the pic so I used a selfie stick. Not an easy task lol.
  6. I will have to research the Fin again. I di forget to mention I started HRT with 100mg's testosterone week about 2 years ago. I noticed my hair loss accelerate a bit. Thats not a high dose but high enough. So I just hate to keep adding any other drugs if I can avoid or don't need it.
  7. I appreciate you weighing in. All the info is spot on with this forum. Very impressed.
  8. Yes. And I wish this forum had a "Like" button. I would have liked about 20 replies already.
  9. has anyone researched the side effects of that stuff? Many who use edit and gave it reviews said it did great for the hair but had serious other side effects. Whats the consensus here?
  10. I certainly hope it wasn't the dr himself. If it was it would have been better if he just offered some testimonials. I asked them for a testimonial and they had some guy call me from a unknown number because they said people want their privacy. I understand but still felt odd.
  11. OK here are my pics. I noticed my hair is still a little wet as I was headed to work. But you can see the weak areas. Looks rough. So much so I feel like just shaving my head. But transplanting will be more rewarding. If it yields great results and Im a good candidate. If not Ill shave and just cry lol.
  12. Watched the video. That was 6000? Seems like with that many he would have had a better look. Seems like he had more donor hair on sides to offer. Should I post a pic of my head and track my progress? I don't see why some want to be so private. Its not like boob implants. Do people really care if a man gets hair moved from spot to another?
  13. OK what I have learned so far. 1) The overall consensus is avoid Bosly 2) Dr Epstein is their highest ranked Bosley Dr so I may get a decent result 3) Don't pick a Dr based on location. 4) Dr Cooley in Charlotte has a good reputation. 5) I'm getting a good feeling I picked the right forum 6) Listen to your gut feeling. How did I do?
  14. I respect your view. As a newbie could you provide a little more direct help? Maybe a Dr in Va or eastern Va? Thank you.
  15. Tomorrow I have an appt to sign the agreement and make a deposit. However I got to thinking last night maybe I should look online for reviews and maybe alternatives. The total is 14k, and while i can afford it, I want to make sure the quality is worth the price. After searching around I found this site. The reviews and sometime horror stories have me a bit concerned to say the least. However I know how forums and groups work. A lot times they have vested interests in advertisers and therefore biased reviews for the ones the support are given while the competition is maligned. Not saying
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