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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words! MiradaEast, as i know, you are not be able to choose a surgeon and decision on who will perform a surdgery is taken just bofore it begins. I think that its not so important who will do, because all doctors have sufficient experience and skills. Hockeyman, Dr. Cengiz Some words about my progress. As i mentioned before, i am definitely a slow grower. now i'am at the 13 months and i notice that my hair still comes more strong and thick.
  2. Are you enjoyed with the density of your sides and hairline? Can you post some good quality pics?
  3. 7 months update! Pretty happy with things at this stage. I've got approx 70% popping and 50% maturation, transplanted hairs are shorter and thinner than others. Thought, i'am a slow grower and along now at the half way. Hope that the density will improve in next months.
  4. Thanks It would be interesting to follow your progress. I wish you a good result! They are definitely a hidden clinic cause they dont invest a lot of money in advertising. Their works speaks for themselves.
  5. A little bit incorrect. In one session they extract about 500-700 grafts and after that implant them in recepient area. "For regular hair transplants, a surgeon typically makes all of the recipient site incisions first, or in stages, then transplants the follicular hair units into each recipient site on by one. With a stick and place technique, however, the surgeon will transplant the follicular hair unit immediately after the incision is made. The surgeon will continue to make a recipient site and then place the graft immediately after until the hair restoration procedure is complete." 3.5 months update
  6. Grats! I wish you the best result! I'am a HLC patient too, 3m1w post op. Do you have a photo before surgery?