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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments

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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Since I've got similar loss to you I decided to look at your doctor. Is this the same clinic and doctor you used? Rezultate — dr. Mihai Motora - transplant de p All of the results are from different clinics. He is showing an eyebrow result with the name of the doctor he stole the images from still on the image he stole. This result page is ridiculous.
  2. I agree, it will be helpful. Do you think that your results you see in the mirror reflect what we're seeing in your phone photos?
  3. Have you considered using body hair? You look like donor supply wouldn't be a problem.
  4. I hope we get an update for his crown result. This is a great result for a small number of grafts on a large bald area. Great job to all involved.
  5. If a technician is doing the job then why pay as if the doctor did? I think it's stupid to pay premium rates when all the doctor does is make some holes.
  6. I hope the OP finds help. I can't imagine being told I'd have FUE type scarring then come out like this.
  7. This entire thread is a bad joke. If the guy had surgery, and there was a beef, I'd understsand. But no, we have a poster that got a refund once, but not twice, is out a few hundred bucks and didn't like what a doctor said to him. This is just proof that the internet puts the power to complain in too many hands.
  8. I have to agree with Jeanlucbergman. The idea that a doctor can know that a patient will have side effects from propecia based on a blood test is something I've never heard or read. I think that for this to be true the exact reasons for side effects would have to be known in the first place and everything I've read tells me that no one knows why anyone has side effects from propecia. I don't think the stats matter at this point because your GENERAL practitioner gave you one piece of advice and the doctor that specialized in what he does for a living, what you were seeking his expertise on, gave you a contradictory piece of advice. You chose to take the advice of your non-specialist doctor. I don't see a problem with that but also I don't see a problem with Dr. Bhatti keeping your deposit since you chose to waste his time, not once, but twice.
  9. I just read this entire thread and I'm really sorry for your situation. My worry is that you're taking accutane and what it might do to your hair. I was told by more than one HT doctor that accutane can cause thinning and prevent new grafts from growing. Did you speak with the clinic about this? I'm also suspicious of your switch back to oral fin. Fin doesn't always regrow hair and in many cases once it is gone it is gone for good so if you don't have regrowth it doesn't really mean that topical didn't cause the problem. Since you've had so many grafts I wonder if the micro scarring can inhibit absorption of any topical solutions. I hope this works out for you. You should stick with what works and don't experiment.
  10. Why is your hairline shaved? Did you take photos of your donor area in the studio too?
  11. I like seeing results like this because I've used the comb over approach myself and I can clearly see that this patient did the same thing. You can see in his pre-op photos how long the hair is on one side. What I wish you would have done was take photos of his hair as he normally styled it before his hair transplant. I don't think he walked around looking like Bill Murray from Kingpin before his hair transplant so because you didn't show his hair style before then all it looks like is that you uncombed his combover and then combed it back over.
  12. I don't see why you can have the gaps filled. I'm just concerned about you being told you won't have any signs of surgery. What do you mean when you say you shave? Do you mean to the bone or do you buzz with a clipper?
  13. I thought it was predictable to a degree. If you can see where the loss is headed it's probably headed there:)
  14. This still doesn't explain why Dr. Shapiro is wrong on what the average donor density is. He's one of the most experienced hair restoration surgeons and the method of extraction has nothing to do with understanding density.