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  1. I had a 2,000 graph Fue Procedure last June costing $16,000. Long story short the results were extremely poor. I didn't realize how poor until i consulted with two top california transplant doctors. I wanted an expert medical opinion on the previous operation and advice on my options moving forward. Both Doctors said the previous doctor's work was horrible. Not only in graph success rate, but hairline design. They said they'd remove a good amount of the successful graphs because of the poor placement. I told the original doctor this and he offered 300 free graphs, i declined
  2. I consulted with a recommended fut doctor. He was strongly against fue operations. One claim he made that I never heard of before was that with an fue even the best surgeon isn't going to fully get the follicle extracted. And since part of the follicle is damaged the hairs coming out will always be minituized in comparison to an fut operation. Is there any truth to This? If so that would be a huge strike against fue.
  3. I'd like to hear people's experience as well as I'm strongly considering smp. My only experience is seeing a artists head in person who was completely bald. He had his last touch up two years ago and I was very impressed. Looked as real as youd wish for.
  4. I just found out of about him and his work looks great and his prices are dirt cheap. $2 a graph for work above 2500 graphs. Most of my research has been for FUE, but isn't a typical FUT surgery $4 a graph? he's recommended on this site so i'm wondering whats the flaw?
  5. To be honest I try to stay away from pictures. Too stressful for me and on top of that I can look at my hair from different lighting and go from looking great to looking like I need 4k graphs. The doctor did take extensive pictures with exact same lighting, camera, hair lengthas, angles etc and results weren't good enough for him to even arugue with me. He seemed rather embarrassed. Also I hadnt had a single person comment or notice any improvements including people that knew I had work done and others that didn't.
  6. I agree. This is what I've decided. I'm strongly considering Dr Parsa Mohebi. Same class of doctors?
  7. I hear what you're saying and if this guy was world renound I'd chalk it up as flukely variance that happens with transplants. Problem is this guy is just a medical spa place that offers a million different perceedures and just purchased the artas machine and has his techs do all the work. I'd rather take my chances with a proven specialist.
  8. I've posted a few times expressing my frustration with my fue perceedure. Now at the 9 month mark it's an obvious failure. I had 2k graphs done to move hairline u Down a bit and add density to mid scalp. I had my 9 month follow up and the doctor kinda made excuses but in a way coneeded and offered me a free 300 graphs to strengthen hairline. I told him I'd think about it over night. The problem is I had such poor results I don't want to risk losing more graphs plus I don't want to waste my time and energy for such a little amount of graphs. I want to cut my loses and find someone
  9. I also sympathize with you and your situation. If I was you I'd do one of 3 things... find a legit smp(scalp micro pigmentation) artist to give the illusion of a shaved full head of hair. This will also camouflage the previous transplantwo scar. The second option would be use transplants just to get hairline really good and use a hair system for the back. 3rd option would be a very expensive option and just keep doing transplants. Once head donor is full tapped go to neck beard then body hair. Extremely expensive option butif of you have the money it might be worth it. Texture and lo
  10. Ok thanks for the recommendations and i'll contact those Docs.
  11. I've already had a transplant with medicore results. I'm set on the next doctor but trying to come up with game plan money wise.
  12. Wouldn't any top quality transplant doctor be very good at filling in lacking areas?
  13. I have a hypothetical question... Lets say you take your average person with non receded hairline but overall density of hair everywhere on top is 60% ideal density in whole typical MPB's area. How many graphs would be needed to take it to 100%? Obviously it depends from person to person, but given the hypothetical nature just picture the average head shape and average complete MPB pattern. No need for hairline design but just added density. I have a number in mind but question your guy's guess.
  14. Ya I've read a ton of negative things about Scalp Aesthetics and their marketing is very slimy
  15. I live near Sacramento Ca. But i'd be willing to go anywhere in the US if the artist was good enough. How'd your procedure go?
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