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  1. No diet, I'm just taking 10.000mcg biotin every day. Not sure if it helps or just placebo, but no diet and no other meds.
  2. Hard to say as I haven't really been keeping close tabs on it. Maybe check out the pics in the thread?
  3. I had a somewhat strange experience at the hairdresser today: got a scalp massage. Strange because it was a hard one. Lots of pressure, with fingertips and sometimes palm, vigorous rubbing and even some fingernails at some point. I was taken by surprise and for some reason didn't call out to stop it. Luckily most of the pressure was outside of the transplanted area, like temples and back of the head, but there was some rubbing and once or twice finger pressure to the recipient area. There was also some tugging at the hair. :eek: Now, I'm 10 months post OP so I'm not worried about graft damage...but is this kind of hard massage normal? Can it damage the hair and cause loss? I scoured the forum and the internet and generally it seems that scalp massages are a good thing, even found some places recommending vigorous massages, "as much pressure as you can take"...but it somehow seems wrong to me. Opinions? I got a bit freaked out immediately after, as I've been nursing my hair ever since the surgery... :eek: LE: actually it was similar to this http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/184182-how-make-scalp-massage.html but more on the top of the head and sides towards the front as opposed to the video in the link which is more towards the back of the head
  4. Thanks for the kind comments and sorry for the lack of activity, busy summer. I'm actually getting a haircut right now and thought to check out the forum while I wait Hkuser: a spike pic might be hard as I don't have/use pretty much any hair products for that. Is there another way I can satisfy your curiosity?
  5. 9 months update. Not much to report, mostly due to the fact that I'm obsessing over the growth, density and hair in general much less than before. I still try to take care of it as best I can, but I'm not spending a lot of time checking for new growth or hairs or whatever. I am however in need of a haircut, so I might post an update once I have time and get it done.
  6. 8 months. Can't say I notice a big difference from last month, however I'm still very happy with the result. I think that now, at 8 months post-op, I'm kind of seeing most of the final result. In the next months I'm not really looking forward to big changes in terms of density or growth, however I'm looking forward to the transplanted hair changing texture a bit and maybe blending in a little better. At the moment it looks pretty good right after a wash and blow dry, but as it starts getting dirtier (maybe after 1.5-2 days) the transplanted hair keeps its volume (great!) while the original hair more towards the crown starts losing it (not so great) and I end up with Johnny Bravo hair :cool: Unrelated to the transplant, I'm hoping that I don't lose the crown in a hurry so that I can enjoy at least some years with what (except under very harsh light) looks like a head of hair However, given that I'm not taking any meds, I'm not holding my breath. The silver lining is Dr Koray can always work some magic again in case I need it. As far as the result itself: looking back to what I started from...wow! It's just an awesome feeling! I'm sure that nitpicking could be done and I welcome all feedback, just for me personally I couldn't have imagined having this kind of hair again. I am in fact, still, after 8 months, VERY careful when washing, I only blot it with the towel before blow drying, no styling products etc. as I'm still apprehensive about damaging it. Crazy, right? :eek:
  7. In my case the answers were also a bit delayed, by a few days or so. I just think they're super-busy. However, in my case the answers were always super detailed and informative, so it was worth the wait. You can also try writing Sema (my coordinator) directly at sema@asmed.com.tr maybe it helps.
  8. It looks pretty good to me. You have to remember that light plays a crucial role too. Under harsh light it will look more see through than under natural/soft light. Did you also try checking it out in a mirror that's e.g. outside? In any case, it should still improve. You're at 5 months, a lot of literature says that real growth starts at 6 months and continues up to 1.5 years. I'm sure you'll see an improvement month by month. Please keep us posted.
  9. I am only taking biotin 10.000 tablets daily. No other medication.
  10. Here I am 7.5 months post-op and after a haircut. I'm very happy with the results so far. One thing I noticed recently is that when washing my hair I see some hairs on my hands in the shower. Maybe 10-20 hairs on average. They seem to be coming from the top, as they are longer than the (freshly short cut) others. Not sure if it's just the hair loss continuing from the non-transplanted area or just broken hairs that will eventually regrow or what. :confused: I'm currently using Molton Brown Thickening shampoo, but I'll soon switch to Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Shampoo which is sulfate-free and maybe better overall. Any other recommendations are appreciated
  11. We're probably brothers I also am worried about using a brush (so I don't) and flinch when they cut my hair. As for styling: just blow dry it. Sometimes looks a little funky (almost like I have TOO much hair in front now), but mostly it's ok I think.
  12. Looks awesome, congrats!! "One thing I have noticed is that the new hair kinda has a mind of its own at the moment. It kinda rolls up a little in the front and it's a little frizzy, but i think the frizziness is simply spit ends." <- I have exactly the same thing, couldn't have described it better. From what I understand this will change as time goes on, so enjoy it while you can :D
  13. Time flies: sorry I forgot to post an update at 6 months :eek: I'm now almost 7 months after the procedure. Overall between months 5 and 6 I've seen a considerable amount of "thickening", not sure if more hairs popped up or it's just the hair texture changing, but several times when looking in the mirror I was like "wow, when did I get more hair?!". I haven't had a haircut in 2.5 months so I'm way overdue (as you can see from the pictures), will post some more pics after I get one, which should hopefully be soon In any case, I'm pretty thrilled with the outcome, I can actually go out and not fear the wind anymore :eek:, drive with the window rolled down etc...awesomeness! And, as I'm at 7 months, I guess I can look forward to even greater things!