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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Bernardino Arocha
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  1. i just came back from another trip from Arocha Hair clinic in houston,Tx.. This is my 3rd procedure with him and i can't say enough about the guy, staff and clinic, i was set for a "touch up" treatment in my hairline and widows peak, i had in mind about 500-700 grafts. When i arrived in the morning and sat down with the doctor he asked me how i styled my hair and what I'm looking to do with this procedure..He was totally intune with what i wanted to achieve and pushed my hair back with the comb and we decided to fill in another"weak" area as well....the procedure went smooth, we had chinese for lunch and i was out by mid afternoon...if your considering a hair transplant, do yourself and hair a justice by having a consultation with him.
  2. Dr arocha in Houston Tx is one of the best!!! Anyone that is wanting real results should consider him.
  3. Hello , this is my first time posting in so ill keep this detailed and imformative as i can. I've been a personal trainer since 98 and recently become a professional bodybuilder within the past couple years. I have done alot of fitness model print work and so my hair is very important to me and my career being about body image .So over the years the being on testosterone and other enhancers , it took a toll on my hair..and i depended on toppik to give my hair fullness and illusion of having more hair..enough about me.i personally did a lot of googling and research on who who was the BEST in texas, i wasn't opposed to traveling for a good surgeon but since DR Arocha was in my backyard, i decided to have a consult with him last january 2015. Dr Arocha was very knowledgeable, confident, personable and i KNEW he was my guy...WE decided to go with 2000 FUE and my appointment was set one month later. DAY OF SURGERY I came in early in the morning and met with Dr arocha's kick ass FUE team.. yes i said team!! just chatting with these guys, were talking decades of experience, i had zero worries.. the surgery went by fast and was very smooth!!! The office is clean, the team was organized and Dr Arocha was in and out the whole time checking on things. HE was very involved in the surgery with all aspects, i hear a lot of doctors aren't present as much as they should be. POST OP Perfect!!! a few personal calls from the doctor checking on me and let the healing and growing begin..oh BTW zero shockloss FAST FORWARD - started having growth about 3 month mark. - stopped using toppik at the 5 month mark - continued growth and density at 6-8 month - had my followup with dr at 9 months - now at 1 year I'm still seeing results - couldn't be more pleased IN FACT, i was so pleased i just had my second "enhancement" surgery with DR.Arocha 2 weeks ago. will post a update soon. CONCLUSION Dr.Arocha gives real results clean, top notch surgery center very experienced staff FUE master if your considering a hair transplant, do yourself a favor and go see this man.. my video is up now on dr.arocha website, but ill post my own pics too THIs is a 100% real review and i welcome any questions
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