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  1. @HTSoon, Thanks for the explanation. The pictures are great in explaining the differences. I am young and have long hair and so its tough for me to say whether I am dupa or not. Will try to post some pictures in a day. @DrBlakeBloxham, Thanks for the response doctor. Great information to know. Will try to post some pictures in a day. Can you please shed some light on the tests hair specialists do to check dupa? Also this is the first time I have heard about female hair loss pattern in men. Can you please post some pictures if possible?
  2. Hi Garageland & Bill, Other than the fact that I am diffusely losing hair on my top from my hairline to the vertex, i do not have any other reason. I understand that there is no test that I can do myself and have to visit an expert. Can you please shed more light on what tests they do to diagnose that I am not DUPA?
  3. I am a 25 yr old guy with diffused hair loss on my top. While browsing on the net, I came across a condition called DUPA where the donor region would also thin and eventually fall. I am panicking that I might have it. Is there a fool-proof test to know whether I have DUPA?
  4. Thanks a lot thisguy1 & Dutchie! This is the first time i am hearing about permanent shock loss. Is there any ideas/advice/dos/donts on reducing permanent shock loss?
  5. Hi all, I am new to this forum. I am a diffuse norwood 5 thinner and am considering transplants. I have two questions: 1) Does shock loss happen in the recipient area? Is it worse for diffuse thinners? 2) What is the possibility of a failed hair transplant? For instance, if I pick a top doctor like Dr Hasson from H&W (not to offend anyone), what is the possibility of a transplant failure? Has anyone experienced such failure from top surgeons? Can someone please educate me? Thanks in advance!
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