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  1. I had fut 3000 with Dr. Arocha four years ago. Having a second procedure this month (April 2020) to focus on midscalp and fut scar. Pleased with the hairline!
  2. Hello all! I have my second hair transplant scheduled with Dr. Arocha this month. First one was a FUT 3000 four years ago and this month will be a FUE. My first transplant went very well and the results were a big boost to my confidence and appearance so I’m looking forward to my next procedure. To Dr. Arocha: I’ve heard that the 2nd hair transplant takes a bit longer to get the full result. Is this typically the case? If so, how long will it take for the full result? Any difference between fut and fue in terms of the timeline? Also, I will be having grafts implanted in my previous donor scar. Is there any difference in graft survival rate in this area than the rest of the scalp? Thanks Doc!
  3. I had my hair transplant nearly 6 months ago and I feel like it has already made a big difference for me. I was a norwood 4 heading 5 pretty fast and the worst part of it was seeing myself in pictures taken during the holidays or special events and seeing my hairline getting progressively worst. I look forward to every haircut I get because I get to see the transplanted hairs growing in and blending in better with the rest of my hair. I usually get a number 6 cut at the barber. Also, I started finasteride over 6 months ago and can see it making a difference in my crown area.
  4. B1gM1ke

    Day after HT

    So it is now the day after surgery! For some reason, I bled a lot during the surgery which posed some problems for the surgerical staff. It could have been because for the past few years Ive taken fish oil supplements, but I discontinued those about a month before the surgery once I found out that they could cause the blood to thin. I also drank flaxseeds with my protein shakes before workouts and I had to discontinue consuming those a few weeks before surgery. I tried to up my consumption of green leafy vegetables like broccoli and kale a couple weeks before the surgery but it may have been too little to late to help with the blood clotting. The first hour of surgery was relatively painless except for the anesthetics that were administered. I read in Bernstein's book that they would feel like mosquito bites but it felt a little bit more than that. I didn't feel any pain from the strip being removed, just a bit of pressure. What kind of trips me out is the noise I heard which was like carpet being pulled from the floor but I didn't feel anything. Now because of the bleeding the anesthetics seemed to wear off pretty fast so several times I asked for more. On a scale from 1 - 10, I was getting into the 3-4 range. But once the scalp was numb again, I was good to go - at least for awhile. Got up a few times to use the restroom and I was a bit nervous about the pain coming back because of the bleeding but I figured the hardest of it was over. One of the assistants told me the reason the pain kept coming back so quickly was because I bleeding out the anesthetics. The first hour or so, while the assistants were inserting the grafts I felt no pain whatsoever. But again, I had to ask for some more of the numbing action as I was getting back into the 3 range for pain. After that injection, I was good for the rest of the time. After the surgery was complete, I was very relieved and I got on Uber to hail a ride home. It was at that time when I started to feel the back of my head hurting (about a 5 on the pain scale) so I took another codeine to help ease the ride. Unfortunately, it took about 30 minutes for the medication to kick in and I was feeling in pain during the hour ride home. The uber driver kept wanting to have conversation with me as we are sitting in traffic but all I wanted was to get home and take the rest of my meds. Anyway, I have great confidence in my surgeon and his staff and I feel they did the best job they could with performing under the conditions. I would say most of the surgery was painless but man oh man it really was uncomfortable on the ride home. Luckily after a good night's sleep I woke up almost as if I hadn't had surgery. The back of my scalp just felt a little tight but that was it. I did make sure to take my meds to keep up my comfort level. I'm excited to see my results in the coming months and I'll be sure to post them at one month intervals.
  5. B1gM1ke

    Day before HT

    Today is the day before my hair transplant surgury. Excited and a little anxious, but overall looking forward to seeing results many months down the line. I've been losing my hair since my mid 20s so it will be a great boost to my confidence to have hair again in the areas where I've lost. Hair transplant will be a 3000 graft FUT. I started finasteride 1 mg 2 weeks ago and am taking it every other day. Also, taking biotin 5000 mcg once per day. Hope I can sleep tonight!
  6. This was a couple of weeks before my HT surgery. I had just started finasteride once every other day and taking biotin 5000 mcg every day.
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