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  1. I used to use this daily, but since my op I've been using a baby shampoo. Just wondering if I could or should go back to it now? 2.5 weeks post op. Any thoughts / opinions
  2. Thanks for the reply I've never used Minoxidil before. The one I have is 5%, the liquid not foam So you think better off leaving it?
  3. I was advised to do this for one week, I still did it every now and then up to 2 weeks with the view the moisture would help the scabs detach quicker
  4. I had my surgery two weeks ago, so I'm now going through that stage of worrying if it will take, what the result will be like and wanting to do everything I can to help. So far my routine is this: 1mg of Finistride a day Minoxidil Follifuel milkshakes Wash hair daily with baby shampoo, very gently around the new grafts (not rubbing the scalp, just lightly touching the hairs with lather) No hats, careful with pull over clothes, keeping out of sun, careful not to bang the area or sleep on it. So is thee anything else I can do? Or any of the above I shouldn't be doing? Am I being too careful and I should relax a bit? What I'd love to do is really rub my scalp, I'm at that scabby stage and I'd love to get them out! I did try to pull one gently, but the hair came out or snapped and now worried I've screwed that graft so not doing that again! Although my surgeon did say the hairs could snap or come out and not too wordy, the follicle will remain embedded. Not easy to consider that now though
  5. Hi all I'm in the post op stage of worrying and wanting to do absolutely everything I can to give me the best chance of a success. I was advised not to use Minoxidil for one week post surgery, but then after that it can be used to help things along. I bought some extra strength Minoxidil, it says to use it twice daily. I bought a spray bottle to apply it. But now I'm a little concerned that the spray may be applying more than they envisaged you would with the supplied pipette? Then also the fact it's extra strength, very soon after surgery. So can too much actually do damage rather than help? I'm tempted to just apply some with the spray once a day? Thoughts opinions?
  6. Thanks for your response. Dr Harris has many before and after pictures on his website and as I said, even introduced me in person to one of his patients. He has been carrying out HT for around 20 years, procedures in the thousands, both FUT and FUE. He is a member of both the ISHRS and BAHRS with his details on both their websites. He was also an experienced plastic surgeon so I should think I should have a good result with the scar side of things at least! So for me it was the opposite of alarm bells, in fact it made me feel very comfortable and reassured I had made a good decision. Obviously time will tell if that was all misplaced, but I really doubt that will happen.
  7. Mate, I think you are being paranoid, your hair looks great now, looks natural and no way anyone could tell you have had a HT. I'd be over the moon if mine looks like that at 8 months!
  8. So after a few months of research, a number of online consultancy/email interactions with all the usual suspects in europe and two in person, I have selected my surgeon and due to take the plunge next month! I'm based in the UK so naturally a UK based surgeon would already have had a head start (excuse the pun ) Having said that I wasn't discounting travelling abroad, in fact I was very close to signing the dotted line with a surgeon in Turkey. I'm 42, been losing my hair since my early 30's. Family history of male pattern baldness, so I knew it was going to happen. Haven't tried any medication up to now, well apart from the regular use of Alpecin shampoo. So what made me select Dr Harris? Harris Hair Transplant Especially as it seems the UK has a poor rep in regards to HT on here? Well I took all the route cause of that bad feedback, took all the warning signs of a bad or "purely in it for the money" type surgeon into my consultancy and intentionally looked for the signs, waited for my mind to be put at rest. And that's exactly what he did.... and then some: 1) Didn't try to convince me to have a HT, no pressure to sign there and then for "this months deal". In fact he suggested I could try the medication route first. When I said I had already made my mind up, had done lots of research he then said well take some time to think about it. Zero pressure. Really got the impression he was all about patient care. 2) He arranged for me to see one of his patients. Even said he would arrange for me to be present during a procedure, meet the technicians. 3) He carries out the injections, the strip and the incisions. Is present throughout the procedure. 4) The emphasis was on future planning, not about a big result as quick as possible. It was all about the long term plan, not about trying to get me to spend as much money as possible. In fact it was me trying to get him to do more grafts in one go, but I was overruled by him and my girlfriend 5) He is such a nice guy, really friendly, honest, caring and meticulous. He gave me complete confidence that he could do the job and had my best interests at the top of his priorities. 6) The girlfriend was won over. Trust me that's not an easy job! As a partner in a top legal 500 law firm, she knows bullsh!t when she hears it, reads people very very well. So, my journey begins. Booked in on the 16th April to have 2000 FUT. The first step is to tackle my hairline and work back. My crown has still a lot of hair, its just getting thin, so I've just started taking Finasteride with the hope that will start to slow down/prevent further loss and thicken up some of the thinning hair. Then in a couple of years look at a follow up procedure if required. So here are some pictures of my bonce at this point in time. I intend to update this thread, the next update no doubt on the 16th Apr Can’t wait!! Please don’t let this get into a UK bashing thread. I’d love to hear constructive opinions and advice, any tips for this period leading up to the procedure etc. And lastly, thanks to the forum and the members, this formed the basis of my research, identified avenues I could explore etc.
  9. As part of my research I have come across this product. Apparently when taken before the HT it can help improve the quality/success rates as the follicles are more healthy and more likely to survive a transplant. Then when taken afterwards it would help to speed up the rate in which you see new growth and can even help with the 3 month shedding phase. Apparently its all to do with ensuring you have all the nutrients to aid having healthy follicles. I wouldn't expect miracles but probably like most on here, even if it improves the success or chance of success by a small margin, in my view it's worth it as I want to give this the best chance. Has anyone on here any experience of this product?
  10. Just wondering if it will help the HT process and the results if I went on medication on the months leading up to the HT? I've always been anti-drugs so my preference would be to not do so. However if it improves the chances of success then I will. If I should take some, where is the best place to source it? I'm based in the UK Any advice welcome, thanks
  11. From my research so far it seems common place for the Doctor/Surgeon not to carry out the whole procedure. So if that's the case what aspects of the procedure should I make sure he is carrying out?
  12. Anyone heard any reviews on this doctor? Reviews I can find are in German which isn't a strong skill of mine
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone In regards to the concern around the grafts being left outside of the body too long, I was told they are using a grafts storage solution that is called "Hypothermosol" which strengthens the grafts while they are out of the body? Thoughts on that?
  14. Hey guys My decision had been made to ask Dr. Demirsoy to carry out my HT. However I was a little concerned when I was informed by Clemens that he would be carrying out the procedure in just the one session. I asked if he could do this over two sessions but was told this would cost an extra €2200 So I'm after some advice. What are the risks of carrying out this number of grafts in one session? He has a good reputation so I would've thought if he thought there was a chance of a bad result he wouldn't suggest doing it as its very likely to backfire?