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  1. Thanks Harin for the detailed response. I went through your case thread and your results look impressive. If I may ask, what is the per graft cost that you were charged? I checked the Eugenix website for pricing & its in USD...I was expecting more of a INR level pricing ...If I need to pay in USD then I would rather get it done in US & not fly all the way to India !!
  2. Hi Folks - I joined recently & found some of the threads really useful. Appreciate that members take out time to share their experiences and provide valuable suggestions for others to decide on the next steps:D So here comes my case for review I am currently 34 years of age & have been suffering from male pattern hair loss since my teenage. On top of that I have chronic seborrheic dermatitis of scalp, which aggravates hairfall and makes it difficult for me to sport long hair. I have had a trimmed haircut for past 15 years or so. I am looking for a Surgeon in INDIA who can restore my hairline & fillup my crown/ top scalp to provide a much fuller look. Request inputs/ advice on which Surgeon/ Clinic should I go for? Much appreciate your inputs in advance. Thanks again.