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  1. You should not even consider a transplant before 25 years of age. Sorry to hear you already are balding at 21. Any decent clinic won’t consider you until your 25. In the meantime you can consider starting Fin to retain what you do have. This will give you plenty of time to research decent clinics. The Uk isn’t really known for too many top Drs. So much more options if your willing to travel. Cyprus and Belgium for example.
  2. I agree with @Portugal25 if you can get similar numbers from your scalp and Beard grafts you would get very decent coverage.
  3. 2000 grafts and say 1500 beard grafts could make a lot of difference. Plenty of cases on the forum where beard grafts were used and no visible scarring. Eugenix excel in these type of cases.
  4. 2000 grafts from donor and using Beard grafts could be a way forward.
  5. That’s a tough call to make. That was a large area to cover with 4000 grafts. Was the plan more than 1 Ht? Your donor area looks ok to me.
  6. Hi yes it’s makes it easier if it’s dry and without product. Thanks 🙏
  7. Please look at the recommended physician list. Best not to base on location, but consider results instead. Consult with a few top Drs. Yes there is always a chance of permanent shock loss. Have you got pics without product in your hair?
  8. Sounds like a good plan. Definitely consult with at least a few more Drs. Look at the recommended physicians on the forum. Your donor area seems very good. Are you thinking FUE or FUT? Which Dr have you already consulted with?
  9. Hair greed is very real but we all have to have realistic goals. So called dense packing occurs but not by overdoing the grafts per cm2.
  10. Try shaving your head and maybe grow out a beard? Got to be worth a try.
  11. Chose a great Dr. Already looking great! Very nice hairline!
  12. Work looks very good! Donor area looks great. You chose a elite Dr. This is going to turn out fantastic.
  13. I have got both FUT and FUE scars from multiple Hts. If I could start over I would have opted for FUE so I could actually have my hair quite short, people still have fade cuts.
  14. I’m also from the Uk and prefer to travel for mine. With so many other options being available. Look at Belgium and Cyprus for example.
  15. Looks like he advanced to Norwood 7 and has DUPA so lost most of what he gained.
  16. Super refined work! Very nice hairline artistry too. I have no doubt this will be another excellent result.
  17. Look at the recommended Uk Drs on this forum “find a prescreened physician” and also look for Dr Edward Ball and Dr Ashard. But also consider travelling if you can. That will give you a much wider range of top Drs to consider. Look for real patient reviews where you can actual use pics etc.
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