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  1. @Portugal25Thank you so much for chiming in 👍🏽 Your exactly the person I was hoping would 🙏
  2. Would you be able to post your journey on here ? On a new thread if your willing to share it ? Just curious when it comes to Clinics here in the UK. The more we see results of the better.
  3. Which clinic did you go too ? I hope they provided some good post op instructions ! @Melvin- ModeratorCould you share your post op washing instructions vid ? 🙏
  4. @Melvin- Moderatormight be kind enough to give his wisdom/knowledge here also. The most experienced mod I know.
  5. It wont matter what they say though that’s what we are trying to tell you. Hair mills will wow you by saying all the right things, and using terms such as DHI and Scarless FUE. You need a proven and Experienced Dr who has been putting out consistent results for years. Not a random/unknown tech. Give me a paintbrush and I’m not going to create a masterpiece or even come close.
  6. So much to learn before you even consider a hair transplant. It’s a minefield to negotiate. Hair mills are the worst ! You do need to think and research so much more before making any choices that’s going to effect you for life. You will then appreciate all we are trying to tell you here. Otherwise you will be back having experienced some or all of issues we have warned you about. So many times people arrive here too late and the procedure is done and they are seeking repair. In your case you have 2 world class Drs within reach, yet your considering a random tech team ? Madness to us that are well informed.
  7. All advertising/marketing videos are going to “appear” fine. The only way to be sure ? Real patient journeys posted on forums such as this. The most transparent forum I have ever been a member of.
  8. You need to listen to the community here, so much collective wisdom. This is a hair mill pure and simple. Their is a massive risk of a poor procedure. The sheer amount of 18 clinic rooms alone is enough to put anybody off. Your being told a lot of misinformation. We guide and help people to choose a Dr who is going to be involved in the most important step at least (the channel opening/incisions) and only doing a couple of patients per day max. I’m sure your friend is a fine nurse, but nothing will take away from the fact this is a huge hair mil. You could find a couple of half decent results out of the masses they are doing ? Proves nothing, you wont even know which techs are doing the work. With 18 rooms and masses of techs who knows which are doing ok work ? You want to look through the forum using the search function for Pinto and Ferreira and compare both to what you have just posted, worlds apart. I honestly can’t warn you anymore than I have done, not a single person here is going to tell you this is a option to even consider.
  9. That’s probably what was the biggest alarm 🚨 bell to me ! Seriously how many tech teams ? 😞
  10. Either option isn’t good. It’s amazing what you find out when you dig a bit more in to peoples results.. for the OP I feel bad 😞 I’m pleased that you have taken what we have said as it’s well intended and we are just being honest.
  11. Welcome 🙏 and erm what ? That’s nonsense they are your pics. All clinics provide these !
  12. Very, very doubtful. Don’t even think of anything like that for now. Just hope for more growth and maturity of the grafts already grown In. Please just keep us updated here. The next couple of months will give you a even better idea of how it’s going to end up.
  13. Just never get anymore work done by them ! We can help you choose a decent clinic 🙏
  14. Yes I agree, the donor is maybe over 2.3k but the recipient area is maybe somewhere around 2k.
  15. No it’s does not, let’s see what others think. I’m trying to stay positive for you. Like @Berba11mentions it’s not the worse position to be in.
  16. @Berba11it was supposed to be 2961 grafts. I would put it a lot, lot lower. Yes the only way to get a better idea is to do the counting… 👍🏽
  17. That would put you at approx 8k by FUE alone. This is really on the high side, which says to me they didn’t take close to 3k. Just my thoughts.. others may disagree…
  18. If they do it would be a bonus, looking at the implementation I can’t see any further grafts coming in. Let’s hope I’m wrong !
  19. Oh they would have been trained in how to perform the various steps. But this is a hair mill type model. Where it’s tech only procedures and has no Dr skill involved. This can go one of two ways. The hair mill model can also have multiple patients per day. Where as the best places have Dr involvement and 2 patients per day max.
  20. Please keep updating us each month if possible. You will have a really good idea at month 8. I honestly can’t believe the graft count is as high as they have said. Let’s see how it progresses. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more positive, unfortunately sometimes we have to highlight the issues we see.
  21. This is typical of these type of places. They do not specialise enough in hair transplants. And your then left in the hands of the techs. Sorry but the facts are it wasn’t a great hair transplant. I hope you get continued growth and maturity but the likelihood is your going to need another pass with a decent clinic. The community can help 👍🏽
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