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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Wow 🤩 just check that beautiful crown work 👌 this guy now looks like he has never lost a single hair on his head ! Excellent presentation as always 🙏
  2. He hasn’t logged in for nearly 3 years, this is usually because it wasn’t the desired result. Or he’s off enjoying his new hair ! Both things can happen.
  3. 1000 grafts isn’t a lot, which Clinic/Dr was this ? Would you be able to show some pics ? Thanks 🙏 At 7 months the real growth should be starting to show, but we all have different timelines. For a lot of people this is when it’s really starting to take off.
  4. She has actually been doing hts for 22+ years. So pretty experienced 👍🏽
  5. Dr Bicers current pricing: FUE Automated : 1.5€ / per graft (3500€ – 6000€ for a hair transplant), up to 4000 grafts in one session FUE Manual : 01.08.2021-31.10.2021 instead of 3€, only 2.5€ / graft (up to 2000 grafts in one session) Strip (FUT): 3500€ Beard: 2500€ – 4500€ Eyebrows: 2500€ – 3500€ Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP): 500€ – 1000€
  6. Yes I really hope they have learned from that experience and improved since. It wasn’t a good situation for you to be put in. I do think they are ethical, just they should not let it happen again.
  7. It can be personal choice of course but I think Dr Freitas is doing the best hairline work. Just look at as many results as you can before making any choices.
  8. Although from what I can see I don’t think it’s balding. 👌
  9. Seek a dermatologist, they are best placed to give professional advice. It’s difficult for us to tell with no other pics for reference. But the flakey and itchiness should be checked out.
  10. You have pretty awesome hair dude ! And no I can’t see a female pattern at all. Seems like a good frontal third procedure will have you sorted 👍🏽 Definitely consider Dr Freitas, Dr Feriduni, Dr Ferreira and Dr Pinto. Personally I think Dr Freitas is doing the best hairlines anywhere worldwide.. yes maybe Couto as well…
  11. Really good write up 👍🏽 Excellent work as always by Eugenix. Your thorough research has paid off. These guys are doing some of the best work worldwide. Please keep us updated 🙏
  12. Could he be encouraged to share some results here ? Be good to have another Dr who could be considered for recommendation 👍🏽
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