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  1. Ok guys got my HT done for another 1000 grafts to to my hairline for density increase today Dr bhatti advised to go for 800 grafts but I really wanted to go for 1000 grafts and so he obliged. Another thing has come to light , dr bhatti had given me propecia for 6 month post ht which I only continued for 3 months previously and plus I Have been diagnosed with donor hair miniaturization which all seem have contributed to my previous poor results ! The donor hair miniaturization has gotten me worried though , would be great if you guys good give your advice
  2. Going in for second ht by dr bhatti to touch up the density and hairline He will also homogenize the donor area by harvesting from the untouched areas and the entire scalp Getting it done on the 4th of April hope all goes great ..fingers crossed!
  3. hi guys sorry for the delay as i was out of town and busy. well i went for a consultation and was told that although the donor area was harvested in a different way it happens in certain cases and the surgeon himself has had a result like this and had stopped performing it for the same reason as my case. he said the donor area didn't look too bad and was acceptable as the pics make it look too harsh. but that there was less growth and density at my hairline. at this point i see no other option but to take up dr bhattis offer and go for another HT as i am not very happy with my res
  4. Htsoon, will be going in for consultations next week will keep you guys posted The slightly bloody patch was on the side I slept on by mistake but that is not the side which bothers me It is my right hairline mainly which is lagging behind in density which was receded more than the left even before the HT as you can see in previous pics
  5. Bald36 i did not request the no shave procedure but sinc you brought it up I did wonder at the time why it was performed as I was not charged extra for it since usually they charge inr 20000 extra, I just assumed that since the grafts were less it was convenient and I was happy for it at the time. I guess the doc could spot the recipient area as you can see in the previous pics it looks slightly bloody Dont remember him mentioning anything worrisome about the donor area during consultation seemed like routine
  6. Haha ..Fair enough bald36 but then again residing in India does not automatically mean one is Indian although I see your point but that is not the issue I was really probing , what makes me curious is how byomkesh seems to know so much about my case.
  7. YOU sir are the one with no class or integrity as it seems by what you post and how! also HOW do you know that i am "indian" as i have not mentioned it anywhere???
  8. Well Byomkesh i would have replied to you much earlier but half my work has already been done by other "genuine" members of the forum for which i am glad. I feel that i have been quite restrained about my situation ,i have not been making accusations or making assumptions but rather only asking for informed unbiased opinions from other members after all that is what this whole forum is for. However i do not appreciate your attempt to turn the case around and put the blame on me ! Also you accuse me of lying and that there was blood on the sheets and that i am hiding it!!! I have d
  9. Hey wibbles I have sent pics of the HT recipient region but not the donor area yet to other surgeons will be doing that now!
  10. Thanks guys for all your valuable inputs .. I would also like your opinion on the donor site area.. reason being that whenever and wherever I go for a haircut barbers always ask me about the donor area as there are patches of sparseness which they can make out while cutting and comment on it anḍ many can also make out it was a HT. This is even more evident if I cut my hair short as you can see in the pics. I was under the impression that fue would be more concealing towards this compared to fuṭ since the donor grafts would be taken randomly all over. Please advice and correct me i
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