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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood V Vertex
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Attar

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  1. Hi startscream, I feel very good actually:) Thanks for asking. Starting to see real hair thickening and the hair line begins to look very solid. The crown area is finally improving! I will keep updating every 2 or 4 weeks;) Gr, Moker27
  2. Hi hairmenow401, Thanks for your positive feedback and sorry for my late reaction! Have been very busy lately but in a couple of days if will post the 6 months update pics:) I can see that many people visit my thread but no one except you places a comment. Even if you don't like the reults please let me know guys. Also let me know if you want to see different areas/angels. Gr! Moker27
  3. Hi, Its certainly a slow process...but its going in the right direction i believe. Please let me know what you guys think;) Gr, Moker 27
  4. Hi everyone! Very glad to post my 5,5 month update...could not wait for 2 more weeks:p Please comment and requests/questions are welcome also! Gr, Moker27
  5. Thank you ninac:) Very great to hear my post has helped in such way. For me it was also the financial situation that made we look elsewhere...but when you go and search out of the box you will find many options that will suit you and your wishes I think. So good good luck on YOUR journey;) Gr, Moker27
  6. Hi everyone! Sorry for my late update...no one reacted so ik never came back. But now someone finnaly posts a message so here is my update! 3, 4 and 5 month (actually 4 months and 3 weeks). Please let me know what you guys think about my progress...if u see any at least! Gr!! Moker27
  7. 2 days after the op i arrived back in Holland when the swelling became visible! See for yourselfs! Please comment or ask questions so i know what you guys expect and want to see or know:)
  8. Today I'm here to share my story and keep you up to date about the changes after my first ht procedure. Exactly one week ago i got 3600 grafts implanted to the front-mid and vertex area. I am 27 years of age was born and still live in Holland but the dark hairs you will see on the pics is because my parents are from Morocco. I have been losing hair for almost 4 years and since i always buzz cut my head every 5/7 days ( 0,5mm) i did't really notice the fact that i was losing hair until about a year ago after my hair grew longer than 7 days during my vacation. It was on the pictures afterwards that i really realised this is only going to get worse. Short after i really accepted the balding since i like my hair very very short and the form of my scalp is right for it. On my birthday last year my girlfriend took a picture of me (damn pictures!!)(( can be eye openers some times)) And my face looked very different...suddenly a lot older than i felt. I kept looking at the picture trying to find out why i looked so different. After staring at the picture for quite some time...i saw it! It was staring me right in the face al along: A few inches of my hairline disappeared! After that everthing went very fast. And a half year later i am now lying on my sofa and about to tell you everything you want to know about that last half year which i think will change my live.
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