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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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Your Hair Loss Story

I have no idea where to start from ?? Anyways i had done my hair transplantation twice from a clinic called AK clinics (Dr. Kapil Dua) which is situated in ludhiana, punjab.

For the very first time, something went wrong with the surgery which ended up in another surgery from the same doctor. Second time, everything went well but at the same time i went to Australia. But as the time flew, again i had the same problem. I had been told that once your hair will fall down and new hair will be grown but it never happened. i was very disappointed at that time.

I couldn't call the doctor because i was no where close going to India. But recently i visited to India in december and called the doctor few weeks before going to india. He said we will try to sort it out this time but honestly i never wanted to get my hair transplant done from kapil dua this time because he had no idea why is it not working?? Which sounds really weird to me because he is a surgeon, he should be aware of why in some cases hair transplant doesnt work???

Moreover i just talked to the receptionist not with the doctor. Doctor kapil dua didnt even bother to have a chat with me. Then i went to India and called them as soon as i got there. Receptionist picked up the call and told me that they will give me a call back in a day, but they never turned up in the future. So, i was really disappointed and sad because i trusted that clinic which gave me nothing.

Even though, i started research on other famous and best clinics in india and found a clinic called darling buds and had a chat with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti regarding this situation i have gone through. He asked to make a profile and set up a true story regarding what has happened. So that, Dr. Bhatti can help me out of this situation. I had very limited time in time that's the reason i could make an appointment to see Dr. Bhatti. I hope Dr. Bhatti can help me this time. I will look forward for your prompt response. i will be very thankful to you.

Satinder singh sooch
Australia - 0061406298788

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