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  1. Hello everyone. I am very happy with my final results after the repair surgery from Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. I would like to share some photos of my look at present. I hope it helps you to choose the right doctor like Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. I strongly recommend Dr. Tejinder Bhatti to everyone who is struggling with hair transplants or looking for a professional doctor. Thank you very much sir.
  2. These are my new photos after a year. I am very happy from Dr. Bhatti. He has absolutely changed my hair line. Thank you very much Sir. I strongly recommend darling buds to everyone who is struggling with any hair surgery. No matter how worse is the case. ???
  3. I will post on reaching Australia. After procedure on 1st Jan have been traveling.
  4. I am a case of SIKH PATTERN TRACTION ALOPECIA that happens cos of tightly tying a Sikh top knot.
  5. I finally got the HT done with Dr. Bhatti in Chandhigarh. 1600 grafts were done, most of them were from the beard and chest since I did not have much left at the donor area because of overharvesting by previous doctor 2 times with no growth on the front. Moreover, I am thankful to 'Shera' for getting me a 50%dscount. Being student it is difficult to afford a lot of money.
  6. I would love to do something like that. Firstly, i dont know who should i consult to discuss this issue regarding the refund. Secondly, i would never let me try for the third time on me.
  7. Thats true. Unfortunately he has been recommended in these doctors as well.
  8. Thats true. But i can't say anything without talking to him. He might offer me another surgery instead of refund which is not worth for me to get my HT done from the same doctor.
  9. There is the front picture and the donor area picture which has been depleted very badly.
  10. @harryforreal @vermaj i know it would look good, but at the same my forehead will be too wide.
  11. Finally I am back in India after a bad surgery by AK clinics in 2012. Nobody can even guess about my hair transplant because there is no result at all. Despite I am loosing my donor area at the same time. I have been going here and there more since I came because I cannot take any risk regarding my surgery this time. I have visited a clinic in Bombay, chennai and Chandigarh. I received an email from Dr. Kapil dua but I cannot bother myself replying to him. I have visited darling buds, Chandigarh as I have heard very good reviews about them. But honestly I have no idea what to do ? Please h
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